Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Question Evolution! fan opened a Question Evolution! Paltalk channel

An American fan of the Question Evolution! Campaign launched a Question Evolution! Paltalk channel and asked me to make an announcement.

Paltalk is an instant messaging service that enables its users to communicate via internet text chat, voice chat and video chat. You don't have to install Paltalk on your computer to chat via this Paltalk channel. Just click the link to the Paltalk channel and begin chatting. Paltalk lets you chat with different people from around the world in hundreds of chat rooms. It offers chat rooms and the ability for users to create their own public virtual chat room.

The channel is open for those who want to discuss the Question Evolution! Campaign and/or its
15 questions for evolutionists. In addition, he is working on other initiative for the Question Evolution! Campaign.

I am sure other creation vs. evolution topics will be discussed as well.

The owner of the Palktalk channel is a very nice man so I am happy to make this announcement. Paltalk is a higher quality discussion place than many internet discussion places as it has a text filters to screen inappropriate language plus many other features as well.

You can visit this Question Evolution! Palktalk channel at: Question Evolution! Paltalk channel

Just click enter room and start chatting!

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