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Naive evolutionists, evolutionist poseurs and the headlights of the Question Evolution! Campaign

What are "evolutionist poseurs" and "naive evolutionists" in terms of the taxonomy of evolutionists. What is an atheist poseur?

Naive Evolutionists

There are definitely evolutionists are merely people who understand the problems of evolutionism when they are asked to defend it or they are challenged to a debate and realize that they are not in a position to defend it. I call these evolutionists the "naive evolutionists". I recently saw an evolutionists at YouTube who examined the 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign and you could clearly tell he was rattled by them. He was like a deer in the headlights.

I believe the widespread dissemination of the Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists and other efforts of biblical creationists  is going to be devastating to evolutionist due to the high prevalence of these types of individuals. In short, evolutionism is a mile wide, but an inch deep.

The Question Evolution! Campaign will inoculate these people against evolutionary belief.   Even in the cases of so-called knowledgeable evolutionists we know that evolutionary belief comes down to a gut feeling.  See: Evolutionary gut feelings, "Belief in Evolution Boils Down to a Gut Feeling"

See also:

 Evolutionary gut feelings vs. a well funded Question Evolution! Campaign equals a lot of queasy evolutionists

Evolutionist poseurs

So what is an  "evolutionist poseur"?  The term evolutionist poseur refers to the vast majority of cases of ardent defenders of evolutionism who are insincere. I am talking about the evolutionist poseurs who have examined material of biblical creationist and know the gaping holes of evolutionism and the areas it doesn't square with the existing evidence.

The reason I am saying this is due to the number of evolutionists and atheists who have backed out of debates recently or ducked debates. These evolutionist and atheist poseurs are  timid little bunnies who  hide in their intellectual bunny holes. Our Question Evolution! group has challenged these evolutionist/atheist poseurs to many debates and seen them scamper away like frightened bunnies. See also: 21st century atheism is well-known for its foolishness and cowardice

The wide scale distribution of the Question Evolution! Campaign is going to be a lot of fun as it will shine the light on the poseurs and show them for the frauds they are. There is a strong chance some of them could get nasty as cornered rats often get hostile.  The best they will be able to do is resort to mockery (see: Appeal tp ridicule logical fallacy)  and false analogies and the logical fallacy of the appeal to authority.  See: Jesus vs. the scientific consensus and evolution - Jesus wins! Charles Darwin loses!

But this will ring hollow as many people are not against questioning things and examining evidence.

In addition, because our groups plan is to combine internet evangelism, creation evangelism (including the Question Evolution! Campaign, Christian apologetics (evidence and arguments for Christianity) and creation/Christian news, people will see a bigger picture. 4 key pillars of Darwinism

The evidence for Christianity is large and compelling.  See: Evidence for Christianity: websites, articles and videos   

Evidence for biblical Christianity and biblical creation

Evidence for Christianity: websites, articles and videos  

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More evidence for Christianity

Did Jesus rise from the dead? by Michael Horner

Evidence against evolutionary belief and evidence for biblical creationism

Question evolution! campaign resources:

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