Friday, October 19, 2012

More signs that Bible believers are aggressively using the internet for evangelism plus a major internet evangelism organization is cementing a relationship with the Question Evolution! Campaign and next week

The major internet evangelism organizations are driving millions of visitors to their organization's websites.

Recently, we posted two articles on how our Question Evolution! Campaign is working to get involved in internet evangelism and how we are establishing relationships with internet evangelism organizations:

Internet evangelism and the Question Evolution! Campaign

4 key pillars for defeating Darwinism

In October of 2012 an internet evangelism organization will start sending visitors to Question Evolution! material and

We believe that we can help Creation Ministries International increase their internet evangelism and teach people about biblical creation as part of the discipleship process.  In addition, we are working out relationships where internet evangelism organizations send people to the website of and its 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer. Next week we expect a major internet evangelism organization to establish links from one of their main websites to the website of Creation Ministries International. Specifically, the internet evangelism organization Network211.

Later today, we are sending a second email to a very kind and generous Christian gentlemen in India who engages in internet evangelism. We received a positive response in our first email and he requested a second email.  He has been engaged internet evangelism for over a decade. See also: October 15,  has been a great day for the Question Evolution! Campaign and it's still early in the day! and  The Question Evolution! campaign is making greater inroads into India

In 2013, our group wants to establish additional ties to internet evangelism organizations and Christian colleges and universities who want to enter into internet evangelism (see: news story below).

At any give time, there are 200-300 Christian grants for evangelism and by the first quarter of 2013 or sooner, we expect to have a grant writing team in place as a person who successfully obtained a Christian grant money expressed interest in writing a grant in the beginning of next year.  See: We are off to the races as far as developing our creation vs. evolution fundraising abilities and Winning the creation vs. evolution war with the help of fundraising skills

Additional signs that Christians are aggressively pursuing internet evangelism

Below are more signs that Christians are aggressively  pursuing internet evangelism plus some internet evangelism news:

Liberty University:

Evangelism efforts spike growth online

 Liberty University Reaches 1.3 Million in Online Evangelism Effort 

 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and internet evangelism:

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Launches School of Evangelism Online Training

Other Internet evangelism news: 

Global Media Outreach Appoints Chief Operating Officer

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