Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Biblical Christianity and Christian creationism are exploding in the world and gobbling up atheism, agnosticism and theistic evolutionism - world maps

Below are 2011 and 2009 world maps of evangelical Christianity and the green areas are areas with high concentrations of evangelical Christians.  Evangelicals are more likely to be creationist than many other religious groups. Do you notice how atheism is being gobbled up in China by evangelical Christianity?   Do you notice how theistic evolutionism is being gobbled up in Latin America by evangelical Christianity.  

Plus, creationism is now seeing growth in Europe.  For example, in 2012 French scholars indicated that evangelical Christianity was the fastest growing religion in France.

For details see:  Biblical Christianity and belief in biblical creation are growing rapidly in the world. 

2011 where evangelical Christianity is and is not.  
See: Where Christianity is and is not

 2009 Evangelical Christianity. See: Unreached people groups

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