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Case study of an internet evangelism ministry which also did creation evangelism

Case study of an internet evangelism ministry which also did creation evangelism

In 2006, a small internet evangelism organization reported having an operating budget of $250,000. Although they did primarily internet evangelism they did creation evangelism as well.

Here is what they reported accomplishing via their various web properties and via social media properties in 2006:

- 10.7 million web visitors

- over 23,000 people indicated making first time Christian commitments


1. How many websites does this small internet ministry have?

2. How many other web properties cite them via links?

3. How much web traffic do their websites have?

Now I want to first say that the estimates below are conservative estimates as I believe due to unfortunate circumstances beyond the ministries control they are less active. Things happen in life - accidents, illnesses, etc. etc.  You just have to roll with the punches. As a result, their web properties have lost traffic according to web traffic tracking companies.  Also, keep in mind the internet was less competitive in 2006 and there were less people on the internet.

Nevertheless, below are the results they are getting according to and some additional cursory research our Question Evolution! group did. 

Christian alliances and assistance: Christians helping each other spread our various messages is important as various ministries have different focuses/specialties. So it is common for other Christian ministries to link to each others websites and write articles about each others ministries or help each other ministries in one form or another. This is important for Creation Ministries International because one effective way to defeat Darwinism is to inoculate Christian young people against evolutionary indoctrination.

Also, keep in mind that some internet ministries are primarily website based whereas others are more social media based. Some are a mixture of the two. In addition, a ministry may own multiple web properties which link to each other. Furthermore, many internet evangelism organizations have separate websites for various languages.

Stats for the small internet evangelism ministry:

Number of web properties the ministry owns which are in English:  23 web properties (the ministry may own websites in other languages)

Total web traffic of  these 23 web properties in 2012 according to (only the English speaking web properties):  323,000 unique web visitors

Total number of links to these 23 web properties  from outside websites supporting their ministry keeping in mind their 23 web properties in the English language could be linking to each other: 90,000 links to the 23 web properties

Plus, the ministry did gospel outreaches via properties like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, etc.

So it certainly appears that even a small internet evangelism ministry can form a LOT of alliances and friendships with various ministries/Christians and gain assistance from them via their websites plus any social media efforts they have.

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