Monday, October 29, 2012

Creation Ministries International says there has been a big response to Question Evolution! Campaign. Also, the atheists/agnostic Noam Chomsky makes a significant point

Creation Ministries International just released a new newsletter entitled Poking the Bear which reads:
This year we have had a huge response to our theme, Question Evolution, and in great part, the attention CMI has gained is linked to the release of our 15 Questions for Evolutionists tract.  All year, responses have been pouring in from evolutionists and skeptics attempting to answer these oppositions to what they see as the irrefutable fact of evolution, yet to their dismay, these challenges are far from extinguished.

Tip of the iceberg of as far as confronting and poking evolutionist bears

This is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to poking evolutionist bears.  The campaign is about to be spread in wide and deep way within the Christian community in the United States, Canada and throughout the world.  Evolutionists are definitely going to have the repeatedly face these 15 Questions for Evolutionists  and other related questioning of evolution. In addition, evolution believing liberal Christianity, atheism and agnosticism will be critically examined and debunked as well. 

You definitely don't want to miss an upcoming article which we will soon posts giving our activities and some of our future plans.

I recently saw a film on how the Western media, government and other society institutions often manufacture consent via propaganda.  It was produced by Noam Chomsky who is upset that the media and United States government  is often not leftist/anarchist enough in his view. While I don't share much of Mr. Chomsky's politics or his atheism/agnosticism, he did make the important point that dissenting populations to the current power structure gain great benefits via building communities  and interacting with each other because no single person has a monopoly on various pieces of information and the large spectrum of human talents and ideas. In addition, it of course increases the available manpower for large projects.

The Canadian creationist Ian Juby endorsed of the Question Evolution! Campaign via this endorsement:
The Question Evolution! Campaign is an innovative, grassroots anti-evolution campaign which I believe will have a lasting and far reaching impact. The campaign is worldwide in scope and I hope to see it serve as a uniting force within the biblical creation community. I heartily recommend getting involved in this grassroots anti-evolution movement.
I also think there are other great benefits in terms of significant social movements such as the ability to gain word of mouth and publicity, various economies of scale and enhanced fundraising abilities. 

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