Monday, March 11, 2013

Evolutionist says the number of anti-evolution bills is currently skyrocketing in the USA. The pace is going to quicken!

 On February 19, 2013, the evolutionist and journalist Dana Liebelson wrote  at The Week about anti-evolution academic freedom bills skyrocketing in America:
Unlike bills that explicitly require intelligent design and religious curriculums to be taught in schools, academic freedom bills simply permit teachers, schools, and students to explore alternative theories without repercussions. Sounds harmless, right? But Eric Meikle, education project director at the National Center for Science Education, explains that what these bills really do is "open the door for creationist literature." And in the last few years, the number of these bills has skyrocketed, with 51 proposed since 2004, and twice as many proposed this year than in all of 2012. (Remember, it's only February).
My dear Dana, you haven't seen anything yet!  Wait until the blogosphere and various other social media platforms are set ablaze with a red hot Question Evolution! Campaign dissemination blitz. Those 15 questions for evolutionists are going to become more and more troublesome!

Please see:

Tools to spread the Question Evolution! Campaign

The history of the Protestant Reformation teaches that once Christians master a new way to spread information they often do it in a big way. The wholesale burning of Protestant books did not stop the Protestant Reformation printing presses from achieving their desired results.

Creationist wildfires are heading towards the Darwinism forests with increasing speed. The immense build up of evolutionist ideological dead wood that evolutionists have built up will cause a roaring and devastating fire that they will not be able to be put out.

There will be no hiding from these creationist fires. The 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign are going to be widely distributed plus there will be other creationist initiatives as well. 

Influence of blogs and other social media is substantial

Technorati just published an article on the influence of bloggers and results might surprise you: Influence of blogs and other social media

We now live in a information age and the cost of distributing this information is going dramatically down.

Christians and creationist have started to harness these new technologies and are obtaining remarkable results. For example, tens of millions of people are hearing the gospel through internet evangelism organizations and millions are becoming Christians. Christians are also learning to integrate offline efforts with online efforts in order to get maximal results. Of course, the Question Evolution Campaign will do the same.

If you think days of evolutionist preventing the public's access to criticism of Darwinism is going to be effective, you are sadly mistaken. Creationists will go under, over and around your evolutionary gatekeepers. They are Maginot Lines at best.

 In secular France, the Maginot Line of evolutionary belief is being overrun by creationists. Evangelicalism is the fast growing religion in France and it was recently reported that every ten days an evangelical church is being built in France.  And liberal evolutionists have a sub-replacement fertility rate while religious conservatives have high rates of birth per family.  Au revoir Darwinism!


Creationism is growing in France

French scholars say evangelicalism is likely the fastest growing religion in France

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