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The new Latin American Pope and the future of Darwinism. Also, Latin American history, European history and the Eurocrisis show that global Darwinism is going to diminish in influence

A new Roman Catholic Pope was elected and was the first non-European Pope in modern history. This is not good news for Darwinism and is the start of an unfavorable trend within Catholicism as far as Darwinism.  The sphere of influence within Catholicism is shifting away from secular Europe.

Although biblical creation belief and creationism is making fast inroads in various places in Europe and Darwinism is ultimately doomed in Europe, Darwinism is even growing weaker faster in Latin America. See: European creationism and Rise of young earth creationism in Mexico and  Creationism is growing in Brazil and spilling into its neighbors

Furthermore, we are translating the Question Evolution further into Spanish. See: Translating the campaign into Spanish and Our Peruvian translator

The Eurocrisis and the Euro are a big problem for secular Europe

The ongoing problem of the Eurocrisis and future problems with the Euro will prove to a be a significant problem for secular Europe. See: Spiegel says a one trillion dollar firewall won't be enough and Spiegel: Is the Eurocrisis about to return?  and Euro crisis

The last time Europe had significant problems it was bad news for foolish Latin American Darwinist notions

Third, an excerpt from an article  relating to Darwinism/social Darwinism in Latin America and former problems in Europe:
Turning this into policy, they promoted mass migration from Europe "to 'whiten' and so 'evolve' their people". They "argued that 'whitening' their nations' stock through interbreeding was the only path to societal improvement". The result was spectacular: more than 11 million immigrants came from Britain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. These people were encouraged to become land owners and to develop leadership roles.

"By 1900, people of European origin dominated society in Argentina and Uruguay. [. . .] European ideas and values spread across Latin America at the expense of Amerindian and African American ones, with the establishment of European-style cities and institutions."
The ideology pendulum swung away from this when the European continent disintegrated in World War I, followed some years after by economic turmoil. "The death toll of the First World War demonstrated that Europeans had not evolved into superior human beings. A decade later, the Great Depression swept away the export economies underlying modernization in Argentina at least as much as it did in Mexico and Peru, belying the notion that the whitening of the population would lead to permanent social progress.
If you think the decline of secular Europe is not going to diminish the influence of Darwinism in the world, you are sadly mistaken.  For example, during the time of the Japanese post-war economic miracle when Japan's economy was doing well, it's culture and the ideas within its culture received more press exposure and influence. When the Japanese miracle turned into a two decade economic slump, its culture lost influence in the world.

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