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Internet evangelism news

Alan Beeber of Campus Crusade For Christ International (CCCI) predicted in 2006 that internet evangelism will result in more conversions than all other forms of evangelism for CCCI combined. There are certainly exciting things happening now as far as internet evangelism as you will soon see via this article.

Internet evangelism is a tremendous boon to Christian evangelism. Tens of millions are hearing gospel presentations via the internet each year.  In addition, the internet can be used to educating people about the creation vs. evolution issue (see: Importance of origins ).

Accordingly, our Question Evolution! Campaign  team desires to establish alliances with Christian  internet evangelism organizations. This week a member of our team spoke to one of the leading internet evangelism organizations in America - Network211.  In addition, on Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 8pm, Eastern Standard time (North America time zone), we will be speaking to a successful internet evangelist in New Zealand.  He is a big fan of Creation Ministries International.

Exciting news about internet evangelism

Christian internet evangelism is currently like a runaway train that keeps gaining more and more speed.


In June of 2011, the internet evangelism organization Global Media Outreach reported:

• Shared the Gospel with more than 150 million people

• Saw 19,287,789 indicate that they prayed in faith to receive Jesus Christ

• With 2,550,732 requesting follow-up from one of our 7,588 trained volunteer online missionaries

• 4,507,155 discipleship visits

• All 195 countries

Typically, around 15% of all visitors indicate they prayed in faith to receive Jesus. Of those approximately 1 in 5 request follow up. GMO believes that if only 5% of all indicated decisions were a reflection of true faith, the results would still be an overwhelming harvest for the Kingdom. All follow up measures taken by GMO to establish a reliable index of faith and growth among our responders have proven very encouraging as this report outlines in detail
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association  and internet evangelism

A June 2012 report from an online Christian evangelism effort by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association which is in its infancy:
So far, more than 476,000 people around the world have been saved since the website went live last year. Dan Corner, director of Evangelical Outreach, said it is a notable goal to reach lost souls through the Internet, but the message has to be tailored correctly to achieve real success.

BGEA’s site will be fully functional within one month. At that point, volunteers will also get online to answer questions about God and Christianity. They will also lead visitors through a five-week online discipleship course. The new Christians will be asked to join local churches that are affiliated with the BGEA. John Cass, director of Internet Evangelism for BGEA, said the organization is just using a model that has been done for years with crusades, celebrations and festivals and applying it to an Internet-based application.
Network211 and internet evangelism

In mid May of 2012, we announced that we are going to collaborate with online evangelism organization Network211 to help spread biblical creationism throughout the English speaking world and other places as well. This collaboration has started and about to increase. Network211 currently has an ongoing campaign to give 10,000,000 online gospel presentations and they are about 70% through this campaign. An   internet evangelists at Network211 told us that he would like to see his organization set a 100,000,000 gospel presentation goal next.

A few years ago, a 2008 book entitled Internet Evangelism in the 21st Century which had laments that Christendom was slow in adopting internet evangelism. The laments were justified. The pioneers of internet evangelism have had such outstanding success that things are starting to quickly change.  One of the great things about Network211 is that they do an awesome job in discipling people.  For example, they have many online resources and have a great volunteer team to work with the new Christian converts.

Internet evangelism video

Jesus said: "Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men." Internet evangelism and creation evangelism are a great way to pull seekers and open minded people into the Christian and creationist fold. Millions of people are being reached through internet evangelism.

Below is a video on the exciting things which are occurring through internet evangelism.

Here is a video series on the exciting things which are occurring through internet evangelism.

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  1. I am venturing into internet evangelism and apologetics as well. I will actually be giving a big announcement tomorrow about the new direction of this ministry. Be sure to keep this ministries in your prayers. I believe that God will do something BIG!


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