Saturday, March 9, 2013

Who visits our Question Evolution! blog? Also, greetings comrade! Russian creationism is experiencing tremendous growth. A creationist sent us a picture of Vasily Zaytsev's sniper rifle

As you can see from a map of this blogs most frequent visitors, our Question Evolution! Campaign
blog gets a lot of Russian visitors.   Recently, our blog went over the 350,000 page view mark.

Russian biblical creation belief is experiencing tremendous growth.

A December 2011 news report:

The Orthodox Church's biggest competitors are the evangelical, charismatic congregations, which are experiencing tremendous growth.

"So many Russians are leaving the Orthodox Church and joining the charismatic churches and they don't like it," Ryakhovski said.

Ryakhovski gave CBN News a document produced by a leading Russian research group and backed by the Orthodox Church. The paper was titled, "Ways to weaken the potential of neo-Pentecostal sects and to help their victims."

"These new charismatic and Pentecostal churches are viewed as cults and something to be suspicious of," Lunkin said.

Once a persecuted minority, evangelical Christians in Russia and the surrounding countries that once made up the former Soviet Union, are now exerting more influence in society by displaying what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ.
We are contacting a Russian creation group this weekend 

This weekend we are contacting a creationist ministry with an outreach in Russia in order to get the Question Evolution! Campaign translated into Russian.  A member of that ministry sent us a picture of Vasily Zaytsev's sniper rifle (He was a famous Russian WWII sniper).   The picture is featured to the right.

A member of my church is an ex-army sniper and he had about 200 confirmed battle kills.  The markmanship of snipers can have a significant effect on the battlefield and on the opposition's morale. Snipers perform a number of tasks.  For example, they perform reconnaissance, kill high priority targets and conduct surprise attacks.  And opposing force have great difficulty locating snipers and stopping them. Also, a sniper team can have a very demoralizing effect on the opposition.  Often the opposing force becomes very frustrated and enraged by snipers.

The 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer are like 50 caliber "ideological sniper bullets" which are lethal to evolutionary nonsense. The proliferation of trained ideological Question evolution "marksmen" are going to have a significant effect on Darwinism.

We have a goal of translating the campaign into 10 different languages.  Spanish is going to be our next important translating goal. See: Top 10 languages for turbocharging global creationism

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