Friday, March 22, 2013

The collapse of Darwinism promoting public schools has begun just like we predicted. 61 Chicago public schools are closing their doors

On March 21, 2012, the Chicago Tribune reported:
After months of suspense and anxiety, Chicago school officials announced Thursday that they planned to close 61 school buildings, nearly 13 percent of the total number of schools in the district in what shapes up to be one of the largest mass school shutdowns in U.S. history.

In addition, another six low performing schools will get complete staff turnovers, but the facilities will remain open.
On August 25, 2012 I wrote an article entitled Anti-evolution religious private schooling and homeschooling will see big growth worldwide.    In addition, in September of 2012, we predicted a growing financial crisis in terms of funding low performing Darwinism promoting public schools.

The article showed that biblical creationism private religious schools are more cost effective and tend to deliver better results that evolution advocating public schools. In addition,  many local governments and national governments are heavily in debt and education at the primary, secondary and college will become more privatized and there will be more school and educational choices (Vouchers for private schools, charter schools and more homeschooling).

Currently, there are several countries in secular Europe with heavy debt loads which is causing a financial crisis in the Eurozone.  Plus, European Darwinism is under attack by various long term trends.  In short, European Darwinism is doomed. See: European Darwinism is figthing a multi-front war that it will lose

If you still doubt that more and more public schools that support evolutionism are under the gun financially and that a problem is festering and growing bigger, below is a video by the agnostic Bill Gates.

State budgets and public schools - a growing crisis

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English: Chicago Public Schools headquarters, Chicago, Illinois.
Español: La sede de las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago
中文: 芝加哥公立學校的总部
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