Saturday, March 16, 2013

The revolution in creationist video making production is continuing. New Zealand creationist produces a gorgeous new video!

Lights, camera, action!

The excitement is raging about the increase in the number of quality creationist video makers! And today we have the privilege to introduce to you the Nature's invitation creationist YouTube video channel which is off to a good start.  Tell your unsaved loved ones to visit the YouTube channel at: Nature's invitation

Can you believe that our  Question Evolution! Campaign  group just recruited yet another fabulous video maker who is helping It's true!  And we have the proof and evidence in this article! Plus, we now have someone who is willing to teach video making to creationists as well - namely YouTube video marker Djw0071 whose YouTube logo is featured to the right. God is so good, isn't He?  See: Djw0071 training new creationist video makers

In a previous article, we indicated that one of the objectives of the grassroots Question Evolution! Campaign group is to significantly upgrade the internet outreach capabilities of biblical creationists -  including our video making capabilities. Also, we want to make alliances with talented organizations/people who are good at outreach. See: Our group's plans  (this resource has recently been upgraded).

One of the New Zealand fans of the Question Evolution Campaign campaign is an internet evangelist and he just created a beautiful video showcasing the beauty of God's creation and how it speaks of a Creator.

It certainly looks like 2013 is going to be the worst year in the history of Darwinism.  Our 2012 prediction that 2012 would be the worst year in the history of Darwinism was spot on!  And 2013 is shaping up nicely to be the worst year in the history of Darwinism - just like we predicted! See: Making 2013 be the WORST year in the history of Darwinism.

Enjoy the video! It is nicely done. It has lots of beautiful pictures and has relaxing music as well. Of course, the video will not be relaxing to proud and evil God hating evolutionists! Nonetheless, more and more of these type of videos will be produced!  And more and more people will become Bible believing creationists.  Praise God!

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