Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weird and oppressive, the atheist, North Korean dictator fails to keep Christian leader from growing Christianity in North Korea

Missions Network News reveals a report from North Korea:

Christian leader growing Christianity in North Korea despite persecution from North Korea government

Excerpt from the article on North Korea: "Mr. E already is seeing the fruits of his labors as the network of believers and house churches increases. He travels about 80 miles to lead worship services and meetings." 

In France, Germany, Europe, America, Latin America, Asia and Africa, biblical Christianity and creation belief are growing.  The strong-arm tactics of Darwinists and various central government underhanded Darwinism indoctrination tactics are failing to stop its rise. See: Rise of biblical creation belief in the world

Darwinists, atheist and agnostics, why not bow to the inevitable? We all know your ideologies are weak.  If you take exception to this, I suggest reading these articles:

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As far as the communist country of North Korea, Darwinism had a profound influence on communism:  The Darwinian foundation of communism and Darwinism and communism/Nazism

Weirdness of the depressing world of atheism and evolutionism in North Korea

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