Monday, December 10, 2012

The S.S. has been christened today and it is a battleship and not a cruise ship! The S.S Evolutionism will be blown out of the water!

The website has been revamped and made even better than it was before.

Today is the official christening of the new S.S. and it is a battleship and not a cruise ship!  The S.S Evolutionism will be blown out of the water!

Gentlemen, Creation Ministries International rebuilt this biblical creation website. They had the technology. And now Creation Ministries International and Question Evolution! Campaign volunteers and fans have the capability of causing the first biblical creation website to explosively increase its web traffic.

As can be seen in the graphs below,  the website has grown by about 50,000 unique visitors in the last 4 months alone while the laggard Richard Dawkins lost about 7,000 unique visitors a month to his website during the same time period. is my favorite biblical creation website with nearly 9,000 articles.

Swift creationist internet warriors vs. a Darwinist laggard

In 2-3 days one of the members of our group is going to finish reading another internet marketing book - a 300+ pager! This book is no doubt chock full of information that will be used to crush internet evolutionism like an aluminum can with great speed and efficiency. 

An article probably put out by one of Dawkins's publicity monger said his website was going to pack a "powerful punch".  See: Richard Dawkins, , where is the powerful punch you promised? Creationists haven't felt it yet   Well, if your one of the few Richard Dawkins fans still left, please tell him that I still haven't felt his "powerful" punch! 

Richard Dawkins's website  is so far behind in web traffic that Creation Ministries International has ripped off the rear view mirror of their high performance website and is leaving Dawkins in the dust.
Evolutionists, face the facts, Richard Dawkins will never catchup.  

Richard Dawkins is trying to get African Americans to become atheist nerds - It is not going to work!

Right now, Dawkins is begging for money and talking about wanting money to launching parallel websites.  For example, he wants to launch a website specifically for African Americans.  I have met plenty of African Americans and perhaps one of them was an atheist, if that.  If a black person becomes a black atheist, they are going to have friends, family and future romantic partners in the black community tell them they have gone off the deep end.  Dawkins will never have a large African American following. It is just one of his many atheist castles built on air. African Americans don't want to become atheist nerds!

Double gayness courtesy of Richard Dawkins!

Richard Dawkins also wants to set up a special LGBT atheist website.  Of course, atheism is so gay and filled with so many socially challenged misfits that he might get a few homosexual atheists/evolutionists to visit that website. But what is the point? Creating a website of double gayness is hardly a worthy enterprise. See also: Atheist who loses a debate admits "Most homosexuals are atheists". Plus, atheists and sports performance

Behold it is here!

The high tech conquest of biblical creation over Darwinism is already happening

As you can see, the internet conquest of Darwinism is already happening before our very eyes!

Web traffic of according to Quantcast (directory measured, click graphic below for details:

Web traffic of the leading evolutionist Richard Dawkins according to Quantcast (directly measured, click graph below for details):

Yes folks!  As you can see, evolutionism and Richard Dawkins must decrease so that biblical creation may increase! Richard Dawkins and his evolutionary lies are not worthy to loosen the sandal straps of biblical creationism!

For graphs of a large variety of atheists and evolutionists websites with decreasing web traffic please see our list of articles: Decline of internet atheism and evolutionism


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  1. "Atheism is so gay"? How old are you?

    1. Atheism is gay and there is even an atheist "Out Campaign" that was initiated by Dr. R. Elisabeth Cornwell, Executive Director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. The campaign is also endorsed by Richard Dawkins". See also the article: "An atheist who loses a debate admits "Most homosexuals are atheists". No wonder why so many young earth creationists are better in sports that atheists! More Olympic gold medals will be coming to America and the UK!" at

      An excerpt from the abstract of the journal article Strength of Religious Faith of Athletes and Nonathletes at Two NCAA Division III Institutions shows that many atheist "men" are girly men when it comes to sports performance!

      I cite:

      "Numerous studies report athletes to be more religious than nonathletes (Fischer, 1997; Storch, Kolsky, Silvestri, & Storch, 2001; Storch et al., 2004). According to Storch, Kolsky, Silvestri, and Storch (2001), four reasons may explain why religion interacts with athletic performance. First, athletes may identify with religious beliefs for direction and humility. Second, athletes may turn to religion to gain a sense of optimism and security, benefiting from such beliefs following a disappointing athletic performance. Third, religion can be used for emotional and psychological support in stressful circumstances like the uncertainty of athletic competition, which can cause athletes an overwhelming amount of anxiety. Religious beliefs can offer the internal strength to persevere through the stress. Fourth, religion “provides a cognitive framework conducive to the relief of anxiety associated with competition” (Storch et al., 2001, p. 347). This framework allows relief from fear and anxiety on the basis of the athlete’s understanding (i.e., belief) that a supreme being is in complete control of the situation. For example, athletes may rely on religious faith to place a poor athletic performance in perspective... Religion can be an important aspect in athletes’ lives and may serve a protective function against psychological distress and maladaptive behaviors such as substance use or aggression (Storch, Roberti, Bravata, & Storch, 2004). Viewers of sporting events can frequently observe athletes pointing to the sky, engaging in team prayer on the court or field, and glorifying God following athletic competitions."

      Atheists are well-known for their socially challenged dysfunctional behavior and their mass murdering history (militant atheism, atheistic communism, etc.).


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