Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The first volley of the second and much larger wave of Question Evolution! Campaign videos to come has been fired and it is spectacular!

The first volley of  the second and much larger wave of Question Evolution! Campaign videos to come has fired and it is spectacular!  It has been created by the newest member of our Question Evolution! group whose YouTube channel is Djw0071Evolutionists are you ready for upcoming tidal wave of creationist videos?   It's coming and you are not ready! 

Watch this video created by Djw0071  and then be sure to read the rest of this article below:

Question Evolution! Campaign by Djw0071

The YouTube video maker Djw0071 would love to tell Creation Ministries International (CMI) about this outstanding video so they can promote it, but unlike many atheist organizations, CMI celebrates the joyous Christmas season!  So it may have to wait until January 2, 2013 which is fine by us as it will be a great way to start of 2013 which is going to be a terrible year for Darwinism!  See: Making 2013 be the WORST year in the history of Darwinism.

The George S. Patton of the upcoming creationist army of video makers

We promised a big announcement about an onslaught of creationist videos soon to be unleashed on YouTube and other video sharing websites.  Our George S. Patton of creationists video makers, Djw007,  is very eager to teach others how to create outstanding videos.  

Now ask yourself this question: Wouldn't you like to see myself and a lot of other young earth creationists learn how to make outstanding videos? Of course you would!

If you love my blog posts and their attendant pictures and graphics, you are going to love my videos!  No doubt each creationist video maker is going to have his/her unique style. Of course, all of my videos will be staid, sedate, unadventurous and very low key videos - NOT!

Now imagine this:  Using the free screen capture software CamStudio we can  put together tutorials on how to make quality online videos to make the creation of Question Evolution! videos proliferate across the internet. We can offer free classes as well.

Evolutionists, are you ready for an onslaught of new creationist YouTube video makers such as Shockofgod. and PPsimmons that are approaching on the horizon? Djw0071 is going to train them! 

But this is merely the beginning.  We can increase our production quality plus increase our video marketing abilities via the expansion of the Question Evolution! Campaign. 

We already have a plan in place to do this already as can be seen via these articles:

 Spread the Question Evolution! Campaign far and wide on YouTube with ease

Internet video tips for creationists

Question evolution videos and public access channels

Tools to spread the Question Evolution! Campaign 

Share these videos by YouTube video maker Djw0071!

Question Evolution! Campaign by Djw0071

Bio-Genesis and the END of Atheism by  Djw0071

Who made God? by Djw0071

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First there was PPsimmons, Shockofgod, MultiArchangel, PiltdownSuperman, Onceforgivennowfree and the 13 year old Cecil B. DeMille of creationism! They were forerunners to the Question Evolution! Campaign video making machine Djw0071 and the pack of Question Evolution! video makers to come!  

Question Evolution! Campaign videos produced by fans

Question Evolution! Campaing videos by Creation Ministries International

Creation Ministries International Question Evolution! Videos:
Photo and graphic credits:

1. Big Waves


Author: Martin Cathrae

License: Creative Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0), See:

2. George S. Patton picture - public domain 

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