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First there was PPsimmons, Shockofgod, MultiArchangel, PiltdownSuperman, Onceforgivennowfree and the 13 year old Cecil B. DeMille of creationism! They were forerunners to the Question Evolution! Campaign video making machine Djw0071 and the pack of Question Evolution! video makers to come!

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of creation vs. evolution video war!  

We have a very big announcement to make about an onslaught of creationist videos soon to be unleashed on YouTube and other video sharing websites. 

First, a little background information though.

Forerunners to the Question Evolution! video onslaught to come  
At the start of the Question Evolution! Campaign the popular Christian creationist YouTube channel PPsimmons with over 20,000 subscribers graciously did a Question Evolution! campaign video. This was followed by the popular YouTube Christian Shockofgod. doing several Question Evolution! Campaign fan videos.

My favorite Shockofgod Question Campaign videos were:

New Discoveries disprove evolution

My challenge to evolutionists and atheists

15 questions evolutionists hate: Live dialogue
      Popular YouTube evolutionist fails to answer the 15 questions

      MOPC vs. Shockofgod
        Afterwards, YouTube video maker MultiArchangel did a video entitled Question Evolution! - Come see and then PiltdownSuperman did a video entitled 15 Questions for Evolutionist.  This was followed by  videos created by YouTube video maker Onceforgivennowfree which totally embarrassed  leading YouTube video makers. Onceforgivennowfree's video was entitled 15 Questions Evolutionists STILL can't answer!.
        And who could forget the 13-year old Cecil B. DeMille of YouTube creationist video makers who produced these classic Question Evolution Campaign fan videos:
        As great as these classic Question Evolution! Campaign pioneering videos were, they were merely forerunners to the Question Evolution! Campaign video onslaught to come!

        Behold  Djw0071 and the pack of Question Evolution! video makers to come!

        The Question Evolution! Campaign was recently blessed by a talented YouTube video maker Djw0071 joining the campaign.  One of the members of our Question Evolution! group discovered his excellent videos by providentially typing in the phrase "End of atheism" into the YouTube search engine. Obviously, we wanted to find a dedicated no holds barred Christian video maker and we certainly found our man!

        But it gets better!

        Not only do we now have an additional YouTube video maker Djw0071who can make awesome videos, but he is eager to teach others how to create such videos.

        Think about this!  Using the free screen capture software CamStudio we can  put together tutorials on how to make quality online videos to make the creation of Question Evolution! videos proliferate faster and faster and faster!  We can offer free classes as well.

        For example, the president of one of Texas's leading creationist organizations said he would like to learn how to create videos.   And  soon we will have a LOT new hardcore creationists who will be able to learn video making easily via their creationist organizations entrance into the Question Evolution! Campaign.

        Below is a video entitled Bio-Genesis and the END of Atheism and another video entitled Who Created God? which we encourage you to watch and please notice how well  Djw0071 can create videos.  

        But this is merely the start.  We can increase our production quality plus increase our video marketing abilities via the expansion of the Question Evolution! Campaign. 

        We already have a plan in place to do this already as can be seen via these articles:

         Spread the Question Evolution! Campaign far and wide on YouTube with ease

        Internet video tips for creationists

        Question evolution videos and public access channels

        Tools to spread the Question Evolution! Campaign 

        Now enjoy the videos Bio-Genesis and the END of Atheism and Who Created God? by YouTube video maker Djw0071!

        Bio-Genesis and the END of Atheism by  Djw0071

        Who made God? by Djw0071

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