Monday, June 25, 2012

Richard Dawkins, where is the powerful punch you promised? Creationists haven't felt it yet

We have some bad news for the ever shrinking number of people who may be interested in what Richard Dawkins has to say. As you will soon see via an abundance of data below, it appears as if Richard Dawkins continues to lose influence in the world relative to the Christian community whose influence is rapidly growing in the world.

Some relevant background information

On June 20, 2012 we published a post on on a new website that the evolutionist and agnostic Richard Dawkins launched called Innovating for a secular world that promises to deliver a "powerful punch". The post was entitled An upcoming "powerful punch" by Richard Dawkins or an upcoming feeble tap by Richard Dawkins?

What does the current evidence show: Feeble tap or powerful punch arriving?

Question: Why should creationists believe Richard Dawkins is going to deliver a "powerful punch" when he is delivering weak and barely noticeable taps on the shoulder presently and also in the past? It is worth noting that an article published in the USA Today pointed out that the New Atheism championed by Dawkins and others produced no noticeable increase in the percentage of atheists in the United States based on very large survey data (see: American faith: A work in progress By Stephen Prothero).

Consider this information pulled from the web traffic tracking company Quantcast on 6/25/12 for the website

Also, consider this information pulled from the web traffic tracking company Alexa on 6/25/12 for the website

Does Richard Dawkins want blind faith from the world?

Given the information above plus the additional information given below, it certainly raises the question:

Is Dawkins wanting the world to exercise blind faith when it comes to the pronouncements of agnostics and evolutionists? Because the evidence sure doesn't point to some powerful agnostic/evolutionist punch arriving from Team Dawkins!

Are you a Richard Dawkins fan blindly and desperately hoping that the powerful punch arrives because global agnosticism and evolutionism is in trouble and global Christianity is rapidly growing? See: Global atheism shrinking and the rise of global Christianity

The Birbeck, University of London professor Eric Kaufmann declared to a secular audience in a lecture titled Shall the religious inherit the earth: "The trends that are happening worldwide inevitably in an age of globalization are going to affect us."

Consider these words of Jesus:

And He also spoke a parable to them: "A blind man cannot guide a blind man, can he? Will they not both fall into a pit?
It gets much, much worse for Richard Dawkins fans

If the above data was not bad enough for the apparently dwindling fan base that Richard Dawkins has left, consider this information as well:

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  1. Is there a reason you didn't look at the new website Dawkins mentioned, from June 20th to the present? Hasn't there been too little time to assess the impact of that website anyway?

  2. David Allen,

    The website was looked at and it was mighty unimpressive! Just like the former militant atheist turned agnostic Richard Dawkins! Just like evolutionary belief! By the way, why do you think Dawkins left militant atheism and turned to agnosticism? See: and

    Also, are you an atheist? If so, do you have any proof and evidence that atheism is true? The reason I ask this question is there is certainly abundant evidence for the validity of Christianity and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. See:
    Evidence for Christianity and Did Jesus rise from the dead? by Michael Horner

    Next, the new website of Richard Dawkins is a beta website and it is on a sub-domain. If the website is continued, it may have its own domain. If it has its own domain, the various website traffic tracking companies should be able to offer information to the public. I am not aware of readily available information to the public on this particular sub-domain.


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