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Conquering Darwinism with the help of a key Christian organization - VisionSynergy

If creationists are going to make large strides in defeating Darwinism, it is going to take manpower, Christian collaboration and adequate resources.

VisionSynergy helps Christian organizations work together for maximum impact by developing and strengthening strategic ministry networks and partnerships in critical areas of world mission. 

VisionSynergy plays a very unique role in the global Christianity community as they are one of the few mission service organizations specifically dedicated to empowering ministry collaboration among a large network of Christian organizations.

One of the members of our Question Evolution! Campaign has contacted and they offered to explore what they could do to help us advance biblical creation belief in the Western World (US, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and the rest of the world.

VisionSynergy is currently supported by a group of  financial investors who understand the power of collaboration. Their group of  investors consists of hundreds of individuals, churches, and Christian foundations who want their resources to have the greatest possible impact on critical areas of world mission. The majority of their funding comes through grants from major Christian foundations and through high-capacity individuals.

Some of VisionSynergy's achievements

Below are two remarkable success stories of VisionSynergy and how they helped advance biblical Christianity.


Phill Butler discusses the formation of a partnership to reach Mongolia. In the early 1980′s there were only a handful of known believers in Mongolia. Today, Mongolia has been radically transformed – sending more Christian missionaries per capita than any other nation.

North Africa:

Phill Butler discusses the challenging formation of a  partnership working in several countries of North Africa. In the past 20 years, major people groups in this region have seen some of the biggest movements of Muslims to Christ in history.

VisionSynergy and the internet 

VisionSynergy and the internet

 2013 will see the Question Evolution! Campaign greatly expand

Using a sound plan, the Question Evolution! Campaign will be significantly expanded in 2013. Part of that plan will include the creation of the world's largest coalition of creationist organizations.

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