Friday, December 28, 2012

Why the YouTube creationist DJW0071 is excited about the Question Evolution! Campaign and how he is going to help advance the campaign


1. Would you like to hear a message directly from the up-and-coming next  PPsimmons and Shockofgod of creationist videographers? You definitely will want to watch the video: Question Evolution!?

2. Would you like to hear why he is excited about the Question Evolution! Campaign?

3. Would you like to know how he will play a key role in the Question Evolution! Campaign?

Victory through creationist collaboration

Ian Juby was among the first to recognize the potential of how the Question Evolution! Campaign  could unite the creationist community and cause greater collaboration.

Little did Ian realize that the Question Evolution! Campaign was going to greatly effect creation vs. evolution video outreach in terms of the quality  and amount of videos being produced for the general public.

Ian Juby declared:
The Question Evolution! Campaign is an innovative, grassroots anti-evolution campaign which I believe will have a lasting and far reaching impact. The campaign is worldwide in scope and I hope to see it serve as a uniting force within the biblical creation community. I heartily recommend getting involved in this grassroots anti-evolution movement.

Djw0071 - the next "Stephen Spielberg" and key leader of creationist video production!

Previously, I introduced a producer of wonderful creationist videos at YouTube and why I believe he is going to have a significant impact on the creation vs. evolution issue via his assistance to the Question Evolution! Campaign and its dissemination of the 15 questions for evolutionists. Namely, I introduced the YouTube video maker Djw0071.

Evolutionists, are ready for the next PPsimmons or Shockofgod when it comes to helping get out the creationist and anti-atheism message via videos? I suggest you get ready! 

If you haven't read my introductory articles on Djw0071, I suggest you do so:

1. First there was PPsimmons, Shockofgod, MultiArchangel, PiltdownSuperman, Onceforgivennowfree and the 13 year old Cecil B. DeMille of creationism! They were forerunners to the Question Evolution! Campaign video making machine Djw0071 and the pack of Question Evolution! video makers to come 

2.  The first volley of the second and much larger wave of Question Evolution! Campaign videos to come has been fired and it is spectacular

Djw0071 is  not only is going to create quality videos, but he is going to teach others how to do so as well. And already, we have creationists who are interested in learning from him due to the high quality of his videos.

In his own words: Why Djw0071 is excited about the Question Evolution! Campaign and how he is going to help

Question Evolution! Campaign by Djw0071

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