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PPsimmons and Pastor Carl Gallups said Christopher Hitchens lived a "wasted life". The circus of pointless Darwinism is drawing to a close. Global creationism is on the rise and it will grow faster

On January 2, 2012, the popular PPsimmons YoutTube channel uploaded a video entitled Christopher Hitchens - A WASTED Life narrated by Pastor Carl Gallups. PPSimmons was the first Christian organization to endorse the Question Evolution! Campaign. 

One  of the things I like about the Question Evolution! Campaign and its  15 questions for evolutionists
is that it puts the atheists on the defensive and helps cut off the ideological air supply of atheism. It is like the question "What proof and evidence do you have that atheism is true?" which is a line of attack against atheism popularized by William Lane Craig, YouTube's Shockofgod and others. 

The complete  inability of atheists and evolutionists to satisfactorily answer the 15 questions for evolutionists helps further show the utter pretentiousness and atheism and evolutionism. Darwinism from its very beginning was merely window dressing for rebellion to biblical authority and dogmatic evolutionists repeated refusals to debate the 15 questions is certainly an indication of their continued insincerity. They are clowns and the circus of evolutionism is being further and further in the replaced in the world by the rational and reasonable beliefs of biblical Christianity and biblical creation belief. See: Global belief in biblical creation   Even in secular France, evangelicalism is the fastest growing religion thanks in part to immigration by biblical creation believing immigrants from former French colonies. See: French scholars say evangelicalism is likely the fastest growing religion in France and  Creationism is growing in France

The widespread dissemination phase of the  Question Evolution! Campaign is going to further show that the evolutionists and atheists are wasting people's time and should not be taken seriously. November and December of 2012 and 2013 are going to further accelerate the global decline of atheism and evolutionism which we see reflected by the significant loss of web traffic to leading atheist and evolutionist websites and the rise of global Christianity and Christian creationism. See:  Global decline of atheism/agnosticism and the rise of Christianity and  Decline of internet atheism and internet evolutionism

An excerpt from the PPsimmons video Christopher Hitchens - A WASTED Life. 
In Mike Shoesmith's book The Atheists are Wrong: How Modern Atheism Ruins Everything there is an abundance of material refuting the entire life's work of Christopher Hitchens.

Hitchen's personified the wasted life. A life lived as a fool. To live as one who embraces the philosophy of naturalism is to live a wasted life void of any originally intended and designed significance. It is the most closed-minded philosophy imaginable. Such a description is the legacy of Christopher Hitchens - a wasted life. A life spent as one fighting the ultimate reality.

And just as all those who lived between the time Jesus walked the earth and now, it may be stated correctly, Christopher Hitchens died in 2011 A.D., the year of our Lord.
At best, Christopher Hitchens was another wicked, atheist clown.

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