Saturday, November 3, 2012

Paul Kurtz, the father of secular humanism, is shown a lack of respect by the Secular Web. Paul Kurtz: Another atheist without a legacy

The Secular Outpost is the blog of the website the Secular Web which is one of the leading atheism websites.

Jeffrey Jay Lowder of the Secular Web shows once again that Paul Kurtz, the father of secular humanism has no legacy. Lowder's blog post on the death of Paul Kurtz entitled Friendly Atheist: Paul Kurtz Has Died consisted of one word: "LINK". What a tremendous outpouring of respect and love for Paul Kurtz! Link!

Lowder is not the only atheist who appears underwhelmed by Paul Kurtz's atheist claptrap.


Paul Kurtz, the father of secular humanism, is another atheist failure without a legacy

PZ Myers proves Paul Kurtz, the father of secular humanism, was another atheist failure without a legacy

"Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan." - Proverb

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  1. Hum...
    You say that "Lowder's blog post on the death of Paul Kurtz entitled Friendly Atheist: Paul Kurtz Has Died consisted of one word: "LINK"."
    It is a link for a blog post on that subject, in another blog.
    If you look at the blog Secular Web, it serves as way to summarize many blogs.
    "Before the New Atheists went mainstream, it’s arguable that Kurtz did more to spread Humanism and skepticism than anyone else in modern history. If you read books written by Christian apologists prior to the year 2000, their enemy-in-chief wasn’t Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens. It was Paul Kurtz. They feared him.
    His resume is lengthy, but many of his crowning achievements are still making an impact in our community today. What he helped begin, we are all continuing."
    You only saw "link", I saw the words of Hemant Mehta.
    Also, a more extensive profile on Paul Kurtz is presented.

    1. Aqualung,

      A few comments:

      1. If a Christian like the Apostle Paul, John Wesley, John Bunyan, etc. had died, I know I would have found it is my heart to say more than "LINK". And that goes for any Christian whose death I would report in a blog post.

      PZ Myers didn't do much better.

      2. It was no accident that Kurtz was treated badly by the organization he founded and forced out (Center for Inquiry).

      The atheist Ron Lindsay may have acted unethically but he was right in pointing out the folly of Kurtz's "planetary federation" proposal.

      Paul Kurtz was a foolish and impractical atheist nerd. It wouldn't surprise me if he proposed his Center for Inquiry office members travel from office to office via transporters so they could travel "Star Trek style".

      There is no life on other planets and abiogenesis has never happened. See: and and

      3. It is no accident that had anemic web traffic.

      4. I know someone who took a class by Paul Kurtz and he didn't feel his theism threatened at all. He though Kurtz and his atheism was a joke. You didn't show adequate evidence that theists felt their theism threatened by Paul Kurtz. Atheists are known for their cowardice and the Bible rightly calls atheists fools. See:

      5. Kurtz didn't leave a legacy and global atheism/agnosticism is shrinking while global Christianity/creationism is exploding and this is expected to accelerate and affect the West. See: Atheists have no plan to stop this shrinking and future expected shrinking at an accelerated rate. See:

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