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The stench of evolutionism and Richard Dawkins vs. the sweet smell of Jesus Christ - Jesus wins!

On November 19, we published an article entitled Is the evolutionist Richard Dawkins a skunk that people want to quickly pass by? in which we showed that Richard Dawkins has a relatively low percentage of loyal visitors to his website according to Quantcast plus his website traffic has a trend of plunging according to Quantcast.

Three questions:

1. Is the stench of the ideology of Richard Dawkins making evolutionism even less popular and is there any data supporting this?

2. Is the sweet smell of the gospel of Jesus Christ permeating the world more and more?

3. Can all the perfumes of Arabia make evolutionary belief stop reeking of deception and foolishness?

The plunging reputation of Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins with the aid of the liberal press and a provocative title was able to sell a lot of copies of his book The God Delusion. The God Delusion was published in 2006. Dawkins is also a leading spokesman for evolutionary thought.

However, the book The God Delusion  has not worn well over time and a number of fundamental glaring errors in the book have been pointed out. In short, the book has proved to be an embarrassment to Dawkins among intellectuals.

To further compound Dawkins's problems he has embarrassed himself via problems like the Elevatorgate scandal. Also, the Dawkins vs. Rabbi Boteach debate and the events surrounding it were a total disgrace to Dawkins.  See: Richard Dawkins and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach debate

In addition, Richard Dawkins's recent works and the New Atheism movement is form of militant atheism/agnosticism which turned off a lot of people with its bile and vitriol.

Also, Richard Dawkins has repeatedly indicated that evolutionism is naturalistic/atheistic which is an accurate statement. This is not surprising since Charles Darwin was an atheist/agnostic. However, atheism is unpopular in a lot of the public's mind so that cannot help with the promotion of evolutionism.

Did the book The God Delusion help or hurt atheism, agnosticism and evolutionism over the long term?


1. The atheist philosopher Dr. Michael Ruse declared concerning Dawkins' book The God Delusion: "The God Delusion makes me embarrassed to be an atheist".

2. The theist Vox Day pointed out a number of glaring errors in his book The Irrational Atheist in chapter VIII of the book entitled Darwin's Judas. A free PDF copy of the book is available at: Free PDF of The Irrational Atheist

3. On November 5, 2012 the Reverend David Robertson, of the Free Church of Scotland declared:
“I recently did a show with Marcus Brigstocke, the comedian, in which he declared – ‘Before I read The God Delusion I was an atheist, after I read it I was an agnostic – I don’t want to read it again in case I turn into a Christian’!

“I actually know of people who have been converted through reading The God Delusion and interacting with the discussion.
Interest in the evolutionary position over time according to Google trends

When looking at these Google trend graphs, remember that the book  The God Delusion came out in 2006. 

Google trends graph for the Google search "evolution":

Google trends graph for the Google search "theory of evolution":

Google trends graph for the Google search "Richard Dawkins":

Keep in mind, that people are more likely to do a search for "evolution" than the longer search "theory of evolution" due to convenience so the data is more reliable for the larger search volume. Admittedly though, there are products associated with the name "evolution" too.

Given the graphs above, it is hard to argue that Dawkins has recently significantly helped the promotion of evolutionism.

Jesus wins!

How is the search Jesus doing at Google trends since the God Delusion has been published which was published in 2006?

Google trends graph for the Google search "Jesus"

Global atheism and evolutionism vs. Jesus and biblical creation: Jesus and biblical creation wins! 

Global decline of atheism/agnosticism and the rise of Christianity

Resources on the rise of global Christianity and creationism and the decline of global atheism and agnosticism 

Global resurgence of religion and the failure of the seculization theory model 

Creation Ministries International vs. Richard Dawkins

Web traffic of Richarddawkins.net according to Quantcast (click graph for details):

Repeat visitors to richarddawkins.net vs. people who are merely passers-by the website according to Quantcast:

Notice how few "addicts"/loyal web visitors Richarddawkins.net receives according to Quantcast.

Global market share of Richarddawkins.net according to Alexa:

Comparison to website of Creation Ministries International which is Creation.com

Web traffic of creation.com according to Quantcast (click for details)

Repeat visitors to creation.com vs. people who merely passers-by the website according to Quantcast:

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Free Church of Scotland, a church

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English: Staffin Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) The hill to the left of the church is Ben Edra.
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