Thursday, May 9, 2013

A two front war on atheism?

The evolutionary racist Adolf Hitler chose to attack the Soviet Union.  Like most dogmatic evolutionist, Hitler was a proud man and so he underestimated the difficulty of winning a two front war. A series of attacks on German cities/citizens was the inevitable result.

Is an intense two front war coming upon atheism?

On September 4, 2011, Vox Day wrote:
...we are still in search of an atheist to champion the argument that the logic and evidence for the nonexistence of gods is stronger than the logic and evidence for the existence of gods. It is certainly informative to see how many atheists do not appear to believe they are able to effectively make this case; in light of this, many Christians may find this to be a useful tactical approach when confronted by aggressive atheists in the future. This tends to confirm my previous observations that while atheists like to challenge the beliefs of others, they are very ill-prepared, and in many cases downright unwilling, to defend their own. So, if you want to shut them up, simply go on the attack. They'll run away with alacrity
Of course, we know this rings true based on the history of atheists/evolutionists  - especially in the 21st century. See: 21st century atheism

Furthermore, the great military strategist Sun Tzu wrote: "Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack".

A two front war on atheism

Our Question Evolution! Campaign group is aware of some plans to step up a two front war on atheism. One on the creation vs. evolution front and one on the general Christianity vs. atheism front. It looks like the backlash to the New Atheism (New Atheism is a new form of militant atheism) that some atheists have been worrying about is gaining momentum. See: Backlash to New Atheism and Cutting off the air supply of atheism

As you already may know, internet atheism has become weaker in recent years and global atheism/agnosticism has been shrinking as well. See: Decline of internet atheism and Global decline of atheism and the rise of global Christianity

A two front war on atheism couldn't come at a worse time for dogmatic evolutionists and militant atheists - especially when they have no plan to combat it. See: Atheists, where is your plan?

Would you like to know what these plans are?  When are these attacks going to occur? You definitely will not want to miss upcoming blog posts!

Just so you know what can happen to prey when there are two large predators in town, I thought I would share with you the video below. And just to be good sports to militant atheists, we will give them the voluminous evidence and sound arguments  for Christianity and against atheism ahead of time:  Evidence for Christianity  and Refutations of atheism    Atheists, please feel free to offer proof and evidence that atheism is true in the blog comment area below.  

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