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5 truths that cause evolutionists and atheists to fly into uncontrollable bursts of rage. Is their anything more lame than an atheist threatening a Bible believer with hellfire?

What are the 5 truths that cause Darwinists and atheists to fly into uncontrollable bursts of rage?  

Recently, when I have pointed out various unpleasant truths to Darwinists/atheists,  they have become highly emotional and flown into rages of anger. Of course, seething anger and resentment  is to be expected from childish and foolish people who are resistant to change and dislike having their outlandish fantasies punctured.

For example, I just had an atheist threaten me with hellfire.  The atheist said that if my God is real, he hopes I burn in hell.  Of course, this "atheist" was an "agnostic" since "atheists" have no proof and evidence that atheism is true.  And we know that deep down "agnostics" and "atheists" know that God exists.   For example, children see the world as designed - even in Japan which is largely non-Christian.  See: Children see the world as designed

"I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to little children." - Jesus

Question:  Is there anything more sad and pathetic than an atheist/agnostic threatening a Bible believer with hellfire?

"Maybe the atheist cannot find God for the same reason a thief cannot find a policeman." - Francis Thomson

5 truths which cause Darwinists and atheists to fly into uncontrollable bursts of rage

Here are 5 hot button issues which cause Darwinists/atheists to fly into a fury and the data supporting these matters can be found at facts that anger Darwinists and atheists

1. Internet atheism and internet Darwinism has shrunk in the last 5 years. People are less interested in these things. Leading biblical creation websites are seeing significant growth.  See:   Internet atheism is shrinking

2. The atheist population is filled with egotistical, socially challenged nerds.  The growth prospects of the egotistical, atheist nerd population is bleak.  The few children that atheists have are shown to have a higher rate of defection from their worldview than the children of Bible believers according to a Georgetown University study.  See:  Atheist nerds and  Georgetown University study provides two clues to shrinking atheism faster

3. Christians/creationists are becoming more efficient and zealous in their use of the internet and other venues for evangelism purposes than atheists. Their outreach efforts are more sophisticated than atheist outreach efforts. Their efforts at spreading their message are yielding greater results. Internet atheists largely preach to the atheist choir. See: Christian evangelism vs. atheism evangelism

4. Darwinists/atheists are not as intelligent as they think they are and they are certainly not as intelligent as God. The empirical evidence fails to show that atheists are more intelligent than Christians.  Darwinists and atheists are resistant to change and God can outperform evolutionists and atheists on cognitive flexibility tests and emotional intelligence tests.  Evolutionists and atheists: Can you pass these tests?

5.  Global Christianity and global creationism are rapidly expanding and Christian evangelical  immigrants and other religiously conservative  creationists, who are resistant to secularism, are pouring into Western World countries as a result of: Christian evangelism efforts; the higher birth rates of Christian religious conservatives and other religious conservatives;  and in addition, the secular ideologies of multiculturalism and cultural relativism will insure that religious immigration continues in the Western World.  Meanwhile,  global atheism/agnosticism are shrinking. See:  Global Christianity and global creationism vs. secular ideologies. Trends showing Christianity is winning and  Immigration, multiculturism and postmodernism will erode European Darwinism

Why do the Darwinists rage? Why do the atheists imagine a vain thing? 

Evidence and arguments  for Christianity and against atheism and Darwinism

Evidence for Christianity

Why biblical creation is true and evolution is false 

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