Thursday, May 16, 2013

A major supply line to Darwinism just suffered a major reversal - college bubble is finally bursting. Also, the infrastructure of Darwinism, atheism, agnosticism and liberalism is crumbling

In our article College enrollment shows signs of slowing which means less post high school evolutionary indoctrination. Also, the ever shrinking role of tenured evolutionist professors and evolutionary biologists , we explained how liberal academia was a major ideological supply line to Darwinism that was showing signs of weakness.

On May 11, 2013, Business Insider published an article entitled The College Bubble is finally bursting

Lastly, you can see via the article A New Theory of Secularization  that the infrastructure of Darwinism provided by secularism/liberalism is crumbling:
...if you read the financial pages, it looks as if the welfare states of the West cannot be sustained forever; just as a demographic matter there are too few taxpayers to go around.

Over in Europe where the birthrate’s been lower than ours for awhile now, you’re really starting to see the effects of this. So to play futurist, what will happen down the road if these welfare states prove to be incapable of doing what they’re doing now, namely providing cradle to grave help for the fractured family?

That I think is the biggest question facing us and on one reading of the facts, which I think is probably the most accurate, the cataclysm of the imploding welfare states will itself bring about a family and religious revival because in times of adversity, people turn to what’s organically connected to that — and they turn to their families, they turn to their churches. We saw this after 911 when people who had not set foot in a church or synagogue in many years were suddenly doing it again.
To better see the relevance of the effect of socialism on secularization and the effect of an economic turmoil on Europe please see the articles below.

And of course, other infrastructure of Darwinism is crumbling too such as declining newspaper readership, upcoming funding problems of public schools which the agnostic Bill Gates has been talking about, etc. etc. . Please see:  Crumbling Darwinist infrastructure. Creationism is getting stronger.

Economics and atheism/agnosticism/Christianity/evangelicalism/creationism

Does atheism thrive on economic prosperity? Does religion prosper when people are desperate and ignorant?

Social unrest in Europe altering its religious landscape

The Eurozone crisis is not over. European socialism, atheism and Darwinism are in for a tough slog 

Why a literal reading of Genesis is surging in the world

Add 20 years of potential severe economic hardship to the many nails which are being pounded into the coffins of atheism and Darwinism.

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