Friday, May 17, 2013

One reason why Darwinism loving liberal Christianity and the agnosticism/atheism population are headed towards a collapse of their own doing

Are Darwinism loving liberal Christianity and the Darwinism loving agnosticism/atheism population heading towards collapse? 

A 2008 article entitled Demographic Winter  declared: 
You can't completely grasp the extent of Europe's post-Christian decline until you walk through the ghost towns of Italy, populated by no more a dozen elderly women and one old man sleeping in the sun. It's not something that any tourist is going to see in Florence, Venice or Rome, much less Milano, but go outside the tourist tombs and the desolation of demographic winter is impossible to miss. And the imported African hookers scattered along the truck routes in the countryside are hardly adequate compensation for what were once famously vibrant family units.

There's a large and spectacular church on the outskirts of a town near which we like to wander. Its doors are only unlocked for an hour or so every month, because despite its gorgeous interior architecture and painted ceilings, there's not only no one around to attend it, there's not even anyone left to visit it.

In Europe, where Darwinism is more prevalent in the world than in many countries, many of these countries have sub-replacement levels of birth.  See:  2011 European fertility rates

The demographic winter for atheism/agnosticism is even worse and is a demographic Siberia: 
Atheism and agnosticism are headed towards demographic Siberia

Meanwhile, young earth creationism is a boom town when it  comes to demographics and birth rates: Conservative Christianity is demographically prospering  In addition, due to: evangelism, religious immigration and  the higher birth rates of religious conservatives, creationism is growing in the world including in many Western countries:  Global creationism

Of course, this is all very ironic since Darwinism says only the fit who procreate and pass on their genes will survive.

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