Monday, May 13, 2013

PZ Myers, how will we know when atheism has a full blown nerd crisis?

PZ Myers recently said that atheism was on the cusp of a nerd crisis that was inhibiting the growth of atheism as not many people want to join a group of atheist nerds. The militant atheist PZ Myers admitted in 2013 that atheists are largely a bunch of: geeks, "scattered society of Internet nerds" and are a "largely irrelevant subset of the population".  Myers also said the atheist community is on the "cusp of a crisis". See: In Seattle, PZ Myers Reflects Candidly on His Constituency

What I want to know is how will the public know if atheism has a full blown nerd crisis?  Will atheists all be wearing beanie caps with propellers atop them? Please Mr. Myers,  tell us how we will know we have gone beyond the dividing line between the "cusp of a crisis" and into the era of a full blown nerd crisis.  Because frankly, I believe we have gone beyond that dividing line.

For example, Mr. Myers where is your plan to stop the global decline of atheism?  The explosive growth of global Christianity and global creationism continues unabated and global atheism has been shrinking in terms of its global market share and it has lost adherents since 2000.  See: Atheists and evolutionists, where is your master plan? and global atheism

And Mr. Myers, why is Christian evangelism so much well better designed and effective that atheist evangelism?  Answer me that my atheist friend! See: Christian evangelism vs. atheism evangelism

I remember going to a Christian church in midwest America and the black gospel music was joyous and uplifting. And there was not a single quarrelsome, socially challenged nerd in the congregation! If only atheists meetings could say the same thing! Atheists have one of the highest suicide rates in the world so it is not at all surprising that atheist meetings have a lack of joyous music.  Mr. Myers, not only are true young earth creationists not quarrelsome, socially challenged nerds, but they get more beautiful women than atheists!  See: 7 reasons why young earth creationist men get more of the beautiful girls than atheist men

And Mr. Myers, I do find it humorous that you are afraid to debate Vox Day, Richard Dawkins is afraid to debate Dr. William Lane Craig and a recent global atheists convention dodged a debate offer Creation Ministries International.  As you are no doubt aware, creationists won hundreds of creation vs. evolution debates in the 1970s and 1980s hands down. See: Evolutionists lost hundreds of debates  and  21st century atheism is known for its cowardice

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