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Creationism is exploding in the fast growing country of Brazil and spilling into its South American neighbors

Among investors it is well known that the country of Brazil, with its growing population, is an up-and-coming country with fund managers flocking to it.

What is less known and was reported on July 1, 2012 by the Christian Post, is that evangelicalism is exploding in Brazil and Roman Catholicism is declining.

In an article entitled Evangelical Population Explodes in Brazil as Catholic Church Shows Signs of Decline the Christian Post writes:
The evangelical population of Brazil increased by 16 million people over the 10 year period from 2000 to 2010 to 42.3 million, according to census results from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) published Friday.

The 2010 census results reveal that over the three decades to 2010 the percentage of evangelicals jumped from 6.6 percent to 22.2 percent of the overall Brazilian population; making it the fastest growing religious segment in the Latin American country.

However, despite the rapid evangelical growth, the Catholic population has decreased over the same 10 year period. In 2000 the Catholic population represented 73.6 percent of Brazil's population, but by 2010 that percentage had decreased to under two-thirds at 64.6 percent....

Those who affiliate with "No Religion" also increased slightly, according to the census, from 7.3 percent in 2000 to 8.0 percent in 2010.

What this means for Biblical Creationism in Brazil and South America

In 2005, it was reported that 31% of Brazilians were young earth creationist. Evangelicals are far more likely to be creationists than Roman Catholics. Of course, this means that creationism is exploding in Brazil.

In addition, Brazil with its growing and prospering population does have a significant influence on its neighbors. For example, in 20 the New York Times reported in an article entitled Brazil’s Long Shadow Vexes Some Neighbors: "Hundreds of thousands of Brazilian immigrants and their descendants have settled in Paraguay, often buying up land for large-scale agriculture in a country with a much smaller population."

Of course, this means that evangelicalism and young earth creationism from Brazil will likely spill into neighboring countries.

Also, we presently have a Peruvian Christian member of our Question Evolution! Campaign named Rafael who is continuing to translate the Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists related material into Spanish so that should help spread the campaign in South America too. See: Peruvian Christian is performing additional Spanish translating for Question Evolution! Campaign

How will this affect America and Canada?

So will this have an effect on the United States and Canada? Yes, it will.

The Birbeck, University of London professor Eric Kaufmann declared to a secular audience in a lecture titled Shall the religious inherit the earth: "The trends that are happening worldwide inevitably in an age of globalization are going to affect us."

Below we briefly discuss the issue of Brazil funding world evangelism efforts via its growing wealth and influence.

Brazil is growing in economic influence

In an article entitled The Future is with Brazil's New Wealthy, The Financial Times reported that fund managers are flocking to Brazil. Why?

Here is an excerpt from the article:
Like many Latin American countries, Brazil has a young and rising population with a fast-growing middle class. As Christoph Hofmann, global head of distribution at Ashmore Investment Management, notes: “People are evolving from a situation where they can’t feed their families to having significant amounts of discretionary income. And because people have grown up without government safety nets, the savings rate is high.”

These savings are starting to be put to work: assets under management in Brazil have grown at a compound annual rate of 19 per cent over the past 15 years, and even faster over the past three years. The trouble is, from an international investment firm’s viewpoint, the vast majority of these assets are invested in domestic bonds.

Brazilian evangelicals funding global Christian and creation evangelism efforts

Christian countries with a lot of evangelicals that have financially prospered have a history of funding world evangelism. For example, historically the United States, which has a lot of evangelical Christians, has funded a lot of world evangelism efforts. Of course, if this occurs, this means that Brazilians will help fund young earth creationism growing in the world.

Evolutionists in the Americas, it is time to build your bunkers!

Earlier we reported that young earth creationism has significantly grown in the last 17 months in the the United States. In addition, our Question Evolution! Campaign group has plans to expand the Question evolution! campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists in America and Canada.

Evolutionists, if you want to hide from young earth creationism in the Americas, we suggest you build a bunker. The evolutionary racist Adolf Hitler hid in a bunker when his master plan for the "German master race" failed.

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