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Evangelical Christianity is rising in the UK. Demographic data points to upcoming reversal of secularism in the UK. No English speaking country will be safe for Darwinism

Darwinism will be crushed like a tin can in its UK birthplace due to: demographic trends such as immigration and the higher birth rate of religious conservatives plus the Question Evolution! Campaign.

A 2012 report shows that evangelicalism is rising in the UK: UK: The rise of evangelicalism is shaking up the established church ( Please read this article or you will have difficulty understanding the rest of this article).   Generally speaking, Christian evangelical immigrants from developing countries in Africa and areas such as Latin America are often apt to be creationists.  

If you don't understand what evangelicalism is or what biblical (theologically conservative) Christianity is I suggest reading these articles: An evangelical "litmus test" and  The slippery slide to unbelief  and Loving God with all your mind: logic and creation and Evangelicalism -Theopedia and  Why Conservative Churches Are Growing: David Brooks and the Limits of Sociology 

In April of 2011, Thomas Seymat reports in an article entitled Immigrants strengthen Christianity in the UK that half of the new immigrants to the UK that 50% of recent immigrants to the UK are Christian.

Thomas Seymat declares:
...African Pentecostals are the fastest-growing denominations. “In Lewisham, there are 65 Pentecostal churches serving the Nigerian community, and others serving the Congolese, Ghanian and Ivorian communities,” says the report. It adds, “perhaps the most significant change has been the growth of Pentecostal and charismatic Christianity within migrant populations, particularly those from Africa and Latin America.”

This trend of increasing Christian migrants has not gone unnoticed by religious observers. Dr Joe Aldred, secretary of the Minority Ethnic Christian Affairs section of the Churches Together in England (CTE) tweeted on @joealdred : “At national Church Planting Consultation. Didn’t know so much going on planting new churches. Christianity making a come back in Britain?”

The tide of secularism in the UK is expected to be reversed

England is the motherland of Darwinism and atheists tend to be the most vocal defenders of evolutionary belief. Eric Kaufmann, a professor at Birkbeck, University of London, using a multitude of demographic studies argues in an academic paper entitled Shall the Righteous Inherit the Earth? Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century the decline of atheism in terms of its global adherents is an established trend that will persist for the foreseeable future and the rate of decline will accelerate. In the Western World, which includes the UK, due to immigration and the higher birth rates of religious people, Kaufman writes: "Committed religious populations are growing in the West, and will reverse the march of secularism before 2050."

Our Question evolution! campaign group will have a UK outreach

Although our Question evolution! campaign group will focus on spreading the campaign in the United States and Canada for a spell, we definitely have our sights on spreading the campaign in the UK. It probably will not occur until after the summer Olympics though due to CMI-UK focusing on a campaign specifically geared towards for the Olympics.

A member of our group does an awesome Richard Dawkins imitation so it should be a lot of fun spreading the campaign in the UK.

It really is an exciting time to be a creationist and the time is ripe for a grassroots anti-evolution campaign like the Question evolution! campaign.

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  1. um i higly doubt it will just be crushed like a tin can as you say.... at little too over confident wouldnt u say?

  2. Wakawakawaka, why should I respect your doubt in this matter? Where is your data and argumentation refuting the information I provided?

    Also, where are your satisfactory answers to the 15 questions for evolutionists?

  3. Your 15 questions have been answered, for instance on Rational Wiki.
    It's not enough for you people just to "question evolution" (which is a perfectly valid practise). No, you have to "crush it like a tin can". This can only be because you are desperately afraid that your silly authoritarianism and reactionary nonsense will be rejected and discarded.
    And as for relying on immigrants to revitalise Christianity, don't forget that a significant number of immigrants will be Polish Catholics. So much for "Biblical Christianity" (ie, radical Protestantism). And if you're relying on Nigerian preachers in flash suits, all I can say is, good luck.

    1. Black Michael,

      Why don't you ask the RationalWikians to debate the YouTube Christian Shockofgod and his chat room moderator VivaRamones on the 15 questions in Shockofgod's chatroom or at a mutually agreed upon place on the internet? VivaRamones has studied biology beyond the high school level. The debate cab be recorded and distributed to tens of thousands of people. You can reach them at their chat room here:,89538844

      Of course, we both know that creationists tend to win the debates and that evolutionism cannot stand cross-examination. See: Creation scientists generally win the creation vs. evolution debates So I have a feeling you will come up with a lame excuse.

      Next, although I am theologically conservative in my Christian views, I am fairly libertarian in my economic views although I am in favor of some government (limited government. So your cry of authoritarianism is rather lame and I am afraid it is symptomatic of your rebelliousness. Maybe your one of the countless atheists who have had "Daddy problems".

      Third, you are displaying the appeal to novelty fallacy. Sorry, newer is not necessarily truer.

      Fourth, if you feel that evolutionism is reputable and can withstand scrutiny, why don't you debate Shockofgod and VivaRamones? Are you merely bluster? Are you afraid your argumentation would be crushed like a tin can?

      Lastly, I find your Nigerian preacher comment to be offensive and an indication you might harbor cultural imperialism like so many evolutionary racists in the past -including Charles Darwin! In addition, I think UK immigration is a lot more diverse than you pretend (plus it may change from the past) and global Christianity is growing quickly while global atheism and agnosticism is shrinking. See: and

    2. @15 questions for evolutionists:

      Here is a link for you:

      Funny thing is that nearly all other religions are increasing while yours is dropping like a rock,hopefully this will accelerate into the futre.
      N.B. I live in the UK and I don't see any rush back to christianity,thankfully!

    3. Dear Ambiorix,

      Thanks for sharing the article. I recall reading a similar article at the Guardian.

      A few comments:

      1. I recommend you read this article I published today relating to European Darwinism/atheism/creationism as it probably gives trends and data which you are not aware of: The future of European Darwinism and atheism is bleak

      2. My article was clear that I was referring to biblical Christianity which is growing and I cited sources. Liberal members of the Anglican church have denied basic Christian doctrines such as the deity of Christ. See: I would argue that such individuals cannot leave Christianity because they were never in it to begin with.

      Third, have you read this article re: "no religion" respondents to surveys: Research shows a significant amount of American nondenominational church members are checking "unaffiliated" or "no religion" on surveys?

      Is Baylor University's research totally irrelevant when it comes to British non-denomination/evangelical survey respondents answering British surveys? If so, why? If it has some bearing, how would that affect the actual number of Christians in the UK as compared to the survey results?

    4. Alll christianity in the Uk is declining the Gaurdian in quoting from governmental soruces:

      Quotes form the article;
      "Researchers came to their conclusion after studying the Labour Force Survey, which is carried out every year by the Office for National Statistics.

      It is the most authoritative survey because of its regularity and its large sample size of 50,000".

      Notice how it is from the UK governments own Labour Force Study,which is carried out out every year for the Office of National Statistics.
      So yes it is easily more reliable than the research carried out by Baylor University.
      As for the US I'm not American soo I've no idea on the statistcs for that/your country and it may indeed be correct in that instance.Another point I'd like to make is that I was referrring to the UK and not the US,so I've no idea why you brought up a study concerning the USA!

      That other study is also nonsense the number of people attending church regularly in the Uk is dropping rapidly!

      One last thing I'd like to point out that;
      a)I'm not an Atheist/Agnostic
      b)Not convinced of evolution(macro)!

    5. Ambiorix,

      Give me an excerpt from a recent study indicating that evangelical Christianity is declining in the UK. Otherwise, I believe you are not being intellectually honest.

      Please don't dance around this issue as the comment will not be published if you do.

    6. Ambiorix,

      I think what we have here is a failure to communicate. Please give us the definition of evangelical Christianity.

  4. What demographic data is this using? From the 2011 British Official Census:

    "Between 2001 and 2011 there has been a decrease in people who identify as Christian (from 71.7 per cent to 59.3 per cent) and an increase in those reporting no religion (from 14.8 per cent to 25.1 per cent). There were increases in the other main religious group categories, with the number of Muslims increasing the most (from 3.0 per cent to 4.8 per cent)."


    I fail to see how an increase in irrelgion/atheism means Biblical Christianity is increasing.

    1. Kashudi,

      I think the problem in you not understanding what I was conveying is partly my fault and partly your fault as well. Please read the resources I added to the article about evangelicalism and plus the resources I added about theologically conservative Christianity (also called biblical Christianity) vs. liberal Christianity. You will see why definitions of what a Christian is can effect how you describe the data and what is actually happening. If you do that, you will see that evangelicalism and biblical Christianity appears to be growing in the UK. If you have any additional data about UK religion which is related to this article, I would welcome it. All I ask is that you completely read all the resources I provided for you.

      Second, many journalists do a poor job in explaining what religious researchers label "no religion" and the limitations of religious researchers current research. Please completely read this article:


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