Sunday, July 8, 2012

Evolutionist professors, get ready for the tidal wave heading towards your sandcastles

Bloomberg News recently reported  that there is a  "tsunami" that is heading toward higher education. 

Colleges and universities, especially public universities,  actively engage  in evolutionary and atheistic indoctrination. In addition, many colleges and universities discriminate against creationist professors.

The tidal wave of competition and change is definitely not going to be good for promulgation of evolutionary beliefs. Evolutionists and atheists, with this key ally of yours getting hit by a tidal wave soon, things definitely do not look for evolutionary belief and atheism. Can your sandcastles withstand this tidal wave?

"If an enemy has alliances, the problem is grave and the enemy's position strong; if he
has no alliances the problem is minor and the enemy's position weak."  - Sun Tzu

Some of the waves of change heading toward evolutionist higher education sandcastles

1. Cuts to public university and college subsidies

2. Increased competition from online education. Bloomberg reports: "The average degree at Western Governors University costs about $15,000 total. StraighterLine offers courses approved by the venerable American Council on Education for $99 a month plus $39 for each course taken"

3. Increased competition from private colleges and universities which includes private Christian universities which support biblical creationism.

4. Increased competition from college alternatives such as certificates

5. There are a lot of Christian clubs on colleges and universities. Question Evolution! Campaign groups can certainly create alliances with these groups as the campaign progresses. Our group has already started to build a relationship with an organization which has chapters across America and across the world. Question Evolution! clubs can certainly be set up as well.

"And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it." - Jesus

Why is this bad for evolutionary and atheist indoctrination?

As noted above, evolutionary indoctrination definitely occurs in colleges and universities. Yet, despite this, those with undergraduate degrees in the United States tie with the country average in terms of creationist belief.

With the above being said, these 2012 figures from the Gallup organization are not surprising:

- 52% of people who possess a high school education or less who have no college education are creationists

- 47% of people with some college are creationists

- 46% of people with a college undergraduate degree are creationists

- 25% of people with graduate degrees are creationists

On a very positive note, the Gallup organization reported a significant increase in young earth creationist belief in the last 17 months.

Can evolutionism withstand an all-out assault on evolutionary belief?

Can the evolutionary paradigm withstand an all-out assault on evolutionary belief? We don't think so - especially after colleges and universities get hit with tidal waves of change. We encourage you to read our article entitled An all-out assault on evolutionary belief or the best is yet to come?

Also, you definitely do not want to miss our upcoming article "It's shaping up to be a BAD decade for evolutionary belief and atheism!".

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