Sunday, June 30, 2013

RationalWiki editor admits that the evolutionary paradigm is disputable. Other RationalWiki editors don't challenge his assertion. RationalWiki editor imagines evolution might be credible in 200 years

On June 30, 2013, a RationalWiki editor candidly admittted:
I can Imagine fundies 200 years from now, when evolution is as undisputable as the earth is around, saying the whole YEC idea was a hoax by atheists to attack religion-
Setting aside his poor writing caused by evolution promoting public schools, there you have it. A RationalWiki editor admitting the evolutionary paradigm is disputable. And what is really telling is that no other RationalWiki editor corrected him. Remember this quote the next time an evolutionist talks about the alleged "overwhelming evidence" for evolution or compares the macroevolutionary hypothesis to gravity.

Furthermore, notice he says that evolution might be evidentially indisputable 200 years from now and this statement goes unchallenged as well.  My dear atheist and evolutionist friends, biblical Christianity has an abundance of rock solid evidence right now!  See: Evidence for Christianity

Of course, we all know that RationalWikians are evolutionist poseurs given their unwillingness to accept our debate offer on the  15 questions for evolutionistsIn short, they know that Darwinism is very disputable. Please see: RationalWiki backs down from our debate offer and  Naive evolutionists, evolutionist poseurs and the headlights of the Question Evolution! Campaign

RationalWikidans know that evolutionary bunkum and evolutionary "gut feelings" cannot be intellectually defended and they don't want their folly broadcast to tends of thousands of people. See: Evolutionary gut feelings, "Belief in Evolution Boils Down to a Gut Feeling"

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