Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bold evangelism is seeing results in India. 75 - 100 people became Christians in an Indian village. Reports of the miraculous occuring

Does bold evangelism pay off in India?  Apparently, it does:  Power evangelism still works. 75-100 people become Christians in a village in India. Reports of the miraculous occurring

When is the last time you heard of atheists, agnostics or evolutionists seeing 75-100 converts at one of their meetings? When is the last time you heard of something remarkable happening at an atheist or agnostic meeting?  Their meetings are far too stale, boring and phony for that!

See also: The Question Evolution! campaign is making greater inroads into India

Now imagine what is going to happen when Christians in India are trained in the last internet evangelism methods?  It is so easy to do via screen capture software, Skype, classic internet marketing books, etc.  One internet evangelism organization gave 120 million gospel presentations in one year. See:  Internet evangelism and 25% of a churches new members are coming through internet evangelism

Boring meeting of the atheist PZ Myers (no doubt his boring meeting failed to get any new atheist converts and nothing remarkable happened during the meeting)

Creation Ministries International Question Evolution! campaign:

Fan created Question Evolution! Campaign videos:

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Author: Byron P.
Title: PZ Myers talk at GMU, 9nov2008

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