Thursday, June 13, 2013

Atheism will fold like an accordion in the 4th largest atheist population in the world

Japan has the 4rth largest atheist population in the world. Japan's current demographics, its low fertility rate, future labor shortages and the need fund an aging population and care for the elderly is going to fold its atheism and its fear of immigration like an accordion. Religious immigrants will flood Japan. This process is now happening in Europe. See: Immigration reform is inevitable in Japan and European creationism

Furthermore, in the short term, its current mismanagement of its economy will suppress its already low fertility rate as population's generally have less children in a down economy. In 2011, Japanese women had 1.39 births per woman. See: Jim Rogers: 'When We Look Back, Mr. Abe Will Have Ruined Japan

Also, Bible believers have more kids that atheists who historically have had sub-replacement levels of births. See: Bible believers have more kids than evolutionists

Consider this 2001 survey:
Researchers were especially surprised at the large number of Japanese youth who claimed the Christian faith. Of the 20 percent who professed to have a religion, 60 percent called themselves Buddhists, 36 percent Christians and followers of the traditionally dominant Japanese religion, Shinto.

Calling the numbers “stunning,” George Gallup Jr. who assisted with the poll, noted of teenagers: “These projections mean that seven percent of the total teenage population say they are Christians.”
The poll was conducted in association with American Trademark Research and MJM Group in 2001 for use in a documentary that is expected to be released later this year.

Of course, once the religious immigrants start pouring into Japan, the number of Christians will further accelerate in Japan. 

Furthermore, China which has the world's largest population of growth is experiencing an explosive growth of Christianity. See: China's atheist leaders are still panicking    Global atheism has a long term trend of declining in adherents and this decline is going to accelerate. See: Global decline of atheism/agnosticism

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