Monday, July 1, 2013

The unenviable situation of militant Darwinists and atheists in the 21st century

As you can SEE ardent evolutionists now openly admit they have no real intellectual defense of Darwinism, so it is just a matter of STRONGLY distributing accurate and relevant opposing information. Given that the cost of distributing  information keeps going down thanks to constantly improving technology and given that the number of creationists is SIGNIFICANTLY GROWING relative to Darwinists, I would sure hate to be a militant atheists/Darwinists.

In addition, biblical creationist are getting more and more internet savvy while atheists/Darwinists are losing ground:

Christian internet evangelism ministry reached over 150 million people in 2011

5 reasons why Christian evangelism is more thoughtful and effective than Darwinist and atheist evangelism

Internet Christianity is vibrant and growing. Internet Darwinism is in decline in 2013    

Internet atheism and internet Darwinism are shrinking

Conclusion:  Darwinism is doomed

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