Saturday, June 1, 2013

The country with the world's biggest atheist population is very interested in information debunking Darwinism

I recently read that China's atheists/communists are quietly looking the other way about Christianity exploding in adherents in their country - including the city populations now which are very influential when it comes to their society.  Specifically, Chinese officials are giving house churches silent approval.  See: Officials are giving silent approval of house churches in China

About this same time, I noticed for the first time, this Question Evolution! Campaign started getting more and more visitors from China whereas before it was not getting any. The graphic above is a snapshot picture of this blog's visitors by geographic region as reported by blogspot.

China has the world's largest population of atheists. Global atheism is going to take huge hits in the coming years with the influence/population of European atheists, evolutionists and Darwinism shrinking and the rapid growth of Chinese Christianity at the expense of Chinese atheism.  See also: World's biggest atheist population about to see a big decline and Global decline of atheism/agnosticism and the rise of Christianity and  European creationism

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