Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mashable admits one of the internet's largest atheist communities, reddit atheism, has developed a reputation of being "low brow" over the years by "some" (translation: by people who are not "low brow")

Reddit atheism, also known as r/atheism, is one of the largest internet groups of atheists.  Mashable reported that Reddit atheism recently grew to 2 million members so it may very well be the largest online community of atheists. 

A June 14, 2013 Mashable  article declared:
In recent years, r/atheism has become known for memes, images, quote pictures and other content viewed by some as "low brow."
Question: Is the low quality, evolution loving public school system pumping out an inordinate amount of low skill, rebellious, spoiled atheist brats?  Is Reddit atheism made up of a lot of  low skill, atheist brats?  Yes, it is. Reddit atheism is filled with a lot of mind numbing foolishness. It is an intellectual wasteland. Furthermore, we know that once you establish a reputation for something it is very hard to re-position yourself. See: Re-positioning the decades long "atheist nerd brand" is going to be close to impossible.

Of course, the whole atheist "movement" (which is in global decline in terms of its adherents)  is low brow and that is why so many of them are afraid to debate the creation vs. evolution issue. See: 21st century atheism is well-known for its cowardice and Global decline of atheism/agnosticism

See also: 7 reasons why atheism has developed a reputation of being low-class and "low brow"

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