Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deceit: the Modus Operandi of Evolution. Also, a creationist softie beneath the tortoise-like hard exterior?

I will make a small confession which may surprise some evolutionists.  Underneath my turtoise-like hard exterior there is a bit of person who likes giving into requests - especially from nice people. So when the elder Christian saint Dr. Joseph Thomas Kennedy asked me to help him share his anti-evolution essays in the past, I was most happy to oblige.

With that in mind, a new essay by Dr. Kennedy: Deceit: the Modus Operandi of Evolution

An email from a creationist lady.  Am I a softie or a creationist with a tortoise-like hard shell?

Also, I received this email from a creationist lady in our Question Evolution! Campaign group: 
be kind to them once in awhile.. in that way maybe they will learn to like you.. hehehe.. i know how likable you are .. and very convincing.

Someday, you will convince them and they will believe that man was created in God's image - not from  Darwin's baboon friend. :)
Ultimately, I think it is matter of repentance though and not a matter of persuasion.  The evidence is abundant for Christianity and for biblical creation belief. Darwinism on the other hand is based on pretension, evil hearts and gut feelings. Evolutionism is not based on sound evidence and arguments.  And of course, where is the evidence for the secular religions of atheism and agnosticism?

I did like the part where she said I was likable though. :) 

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A quote from Thomas Joseph Kennedy

 "The truth of God's existence is the benchmark from which all landmark's are located. The truth of God's existence is the foundation on which all truth rests. God existed before evil existed, and God will exist after evil is annihilated. To deny the existence of God is an act of insanity so severe that God says that person is a fool (Psalm 14:1; 53:1)." - Dr. Joseph Thomas Kennedy

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