Saturday, April 20, 2013

College enrollment shows signs of slowing which means less post high school evolutionary indoctrination. Also, the ever shrinking role of tenured evolutionist professors and evolutionary biologists

A graph showing college enrollment in the United States and given the Eurocrisis and low performing European colleges and universities, it would not surprise me if Europe had a similar situation occurring.

The Wall Street Journal reported on April 18, 2013 that college enrollment has been facing a depressed market in the United States: Vital signs report: Depressed College Enrollment

A 2012 report indicates that "higher-education officials are fretting about ominous signs that overall college enrollment is starting to drop."  

Universities and colleges are a major source of additional evolutionary indoctrination and the likelihood of someone becoming a Darwinist goes up with post high school education. See: Evolutionary belief and education

An American study found that forty-five percent of students achieved no significant improvement in their critical thinking, reasoning or writing skills during their first two years of college. After four years, 36 percent displayed no significant increases in these so-called "higher order" thinking skills. Students, particularly those who made poor college major choices, are angry that college does not adequately prepare them for the world outside of college and leaves them with a significant amount of debt.

And there is plenty of bad news coming in when it comes to the issue of college/university Darwinist indoctrination as you will soon see.

College enrollment shows signs of slowing

College enrollment shows signs of slowing

Chopping block : Longtime UM faculty, staff among those already being cut

Community college enrollment in California the lowest in two decades

California college enrollement is shrinking

Trouble for college professors and evolutionary biologists

Behold, from The AtlanticThe Ever-Shrinking Role of Tenured College Professors (in 1 Chart)

It  is getting harder and harder to make a living as a evolutionary biology professor! 

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