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Reporting on the initial phase of our Question Evolution! Campaign group's outreach for Texas

The Bible belt state of Texas definitely has an impact on the creation vs. evolution culture war in America due to the sheer size of the amount of textbooks it purchases relative to other states in the United States and its state policies on textbooks.

In 2010, the Utne Reader wrote concerning Texas's influence on national textbooks:
The politicized textbooks would be a problem just inside Texas, but economic factors have given the state a huge influence over textbooks throughout the country. Unlike many other states, Texas makes the decisions on a state level on what books local school districts can buy. So when the state makes a decision on what books to purchase for its 4.7 million high schoolers, publishers take notice. The only bigger market for textbooks in the country is California, a state whose budget is in such disarray, it announced that it won’t be buying new books until 2014. In the meantime, an anonymous industry executive told Washington Monthly, “publishers will do whatever it takes to get on the Texas list,” even if that means caving in to right-wing activists.

Although the present United States economy is hard to predict and Texas is affected by the the U.S. economy, Texas is expected to purchase $1 billion in textbooks in 2012-13.

Also, an excerpt from a 2011 MSNBC news article entitled Creationism controversy again slips into Texas textbook debate declares: "In any event, school districts don't have to follow the board's recommendation, under a new law that gives them the sole authority to spend their state education funds."

Reporting on the initial phase of our Question Evolution! Campaign group's outreach into Texas

The initial phase of our Question Evolution! Campaign groups efforts in Texas has been completed. We are going to share with you some data/information on our outreach.


1. The Creation Ministries International, which is, is directly measured by the web traffic tracking company Quantcast and not merely estimated. 

Here is a measure of the web traffic of in the USA:

Quantcast reporting of Creation Ministries International's website broken down by states in the USA

2. We now have a list of 500 Texas churches and their contact information which we will use in our second phase of Texas outreach.

3. Dallas and everything is big in Texas!: During the second phase of our Texas outreach, we do have a "Texas size" tactic in terms of its potential impact which we certainly hope comes to fruition.

And remember evolutionists:

- We do have a creationist contact established who is a big fan of Creation Ministries International in the Texas size city of Dallas, Texas.

- "Everything is big in Texas!"

Message to Texas and American evolutionists/atheists

Message to evolutionists: You better evolve some Texas size answers to the 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign because your wimpy evolutionist "answers" will not suffice in the Bible Belt state of Texas.

We definitely want to give Texas YouTube atheist/evolutionist AronRa and his flowing locks of hippy hair a "bad hair day". In addition, the slow moving Texas atheist Matt Dillahunty will be no match for the second phase of our outreach to Texas.

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