Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Question evolution! campaign groups' geographic focus

Although a member of our Question evolution! campaign group is in New Zealand an another member is in Switzerland (plus we know a couple of Christians in Australia), most of the members of our group are in the United States and Canada. Therefore, our group has decided to mainly focus our efforts in North America until the summer Olympic games are over in the UK (CMI-UK is doing a Olympic Games creation outreach for the games).

Of course, people from North America have family and friend ties all over the globe so our groups assistance to the campaign may spread to other countries. Eventually, we want a blog network of many countries.

The remainder of this week and next week we want to work on tools to share the campaign plus reaching out to the Christian blogosphere. Plus, we have some other things in mind as well that we want to do which we may blog about this week.

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