Saturday, March 17, 2012

More proof that atheism is ignorant. American Atheists organization badly embarrasses itself

The popular Christian YouTube video creator Shockofgod just released a hilarious video entitled Proof atheism & evolution are stupid.

On the video, he first did a Google search at Google USA for the word "atheism". The #1 search result for atheism was for the website of the American Atheists organization and they misspelled the words "separation" and "church" on the main page title tag for their website. The title of their website reads: "Supporting Civil Rights for Atheists and the Seperation of Curch and ...". Did the American Atheist organization's webmaster go to one of the many evolution indoctrinating public schools with a high drop out rate? It appears so!

Is it any wonder that the American Atheists organization has been silent concerning the 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign? Besides being poor spellers the American Atheists organization's staff is probably poor when it comes to science as well!

In addition, on the video by Shockofgod there is a discussion with evolutionists concerning the 15 questions for evolutionists where an atheists claims that creationists are allegedly buying the alleged transitional fossils and hiding them (See the blog post:
Evolutionist claims creationists are buying up alleged transitional fossils and then hiding them from the public!

Make sure you watch the video: Proof atheism & evolution are stupid

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