Thursday, March 15, 2012

0n fire Question Evolution! evangelist in our group ordered 2,000 Question Evolution! tracts

One of the members of our Question Evolution! Campaign group recently ordered 2,000 Question Evolution! tracts in order to share the campaign with the public. Plus, he ordered some
Creation Magazines as well.

Here is a recent report on some of his activities:
I was down getting my driver's license renewed. I took a Question Evolution! tract and Creation magazine to leave there. There wasn't anywhere to leave the magazine. The lady at the counter commented on the pic on the cover of the magazine, saying it was a great photo. I told her I'd brought it to leave there, but there wasn't a place for it. She grabbed it off me and said she would read it.

In the next 60 days or so (or possibly sooner), we expect to report some even more exciting news. Hint: It is going to be a huge boost to something we did an post on earlier (see:
Creation Evangelism and the Question Evolution! Campaign). Please stay tuned. You definitely will not want to miss it!

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  1. These tracts in particular (Question Evolution!) are concise, informative, and provide the truth that people desperately need, and want. Science is GREAT! Creation magazine always has a wonderful cover, which is but a shadow of the great depths of truth one finds inside. Hadn't thought of the DMV - thank you!


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