Monday, March 19, 2012

What do the bones say?

One argument that gets used a lot from creationists that truly has little logical problems or forensic mistake is. When you see a fossil all you know is an animal died, you don't know if it had any kids and lived.
Further more you don't know that those children succeeded the family tree of what ever life-form you are examining. given that Edward Wilson estimates 27,000 species are currently lost per year. By 2022, 22% of all species will be extinct if no action is taken.

Estimates of the extinction rate
To publicize the rate of species loss, the United Nations organizes an International Day for Biological Diversity which takes place on May 22 each year. The UN Secretary General said in a 2007 press statement that species are becoming extinct at an unprecedented rate.

Alarming figures have often been quoted, but how do scientists know how many species go extinct each day, week, month or year? It isn't possible to gather data non-stop in every location around the world, and the estimated extinction rate greatly exceeds the number of known species that have been declared extinct after thorough surveys failed to locate any survivors. The difference is due to the way the projections are calculated. Estimates for the number of species that will become extinct each year are extrapolated from the known rate of habitat loss.

now it is arrogance of ones knowledge to state that we know all species that ever lived as I stated in a previous blog post of mine. it's another to expect others to believe in the same magical knowledge of all lifeforms that have walked swam or flown the earth. Recently I had a discussion or argument with an atheist who stated that there's evidence that there's no god and proceeded to say that the fossil record is one such evidence, mind you many Christians or other theists believe in evolution. Though when I said that a fossil is not evidence of evolution only that something died. They said "that's very ignorant of you". now this either means they couldn't wrap their head around this statement of fossils only showing death and not heritage. Maybe they submit to authority which is a fallacy of intellect. We should not be discouraged for using this logic of demanding living proof over death in bones. Since a child can look at the bones of a grand parents long lost Horse and make a story about it saying they had many great adventures and the horse had children. Mind you unless you have proof of offspring in the horse and a dietary and fitness record you can't say this is honest. But we love children for they will learn what truth is and why lies are disregarded. though if it's ignorant to expect and wait for a proof in living terms rather than just saying "Humans came from apes which came from a NON-APE ancestor" this is far too much to believe for anyone who has a hunger for scientific truth. We accept this fossil heritage because the authorities force it and believe it. But until I see a complete skeleton of Lucy (Australopithecus) and a provable offspring found less than half a mile of it showing new structural features (bones) I'll be skeptic and so should the reader.


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