Monday, January 23, 2012

YouTube Christian with 21,000 subscribers tells his subscribers to ask their teachers the 15 questions that evolutionist cannot answer. Also, popular YouTube evolutionist fails to answer the 15 questions

The popular YouTube Christian Shockofgod does a video on a popular YouTube evolutionist, Lapkine77, failing to answer the 15 questions that evolutionists which are a part of the Question evolution! campaign. In addition, he asks his 21,000 subscribers to ask the 15 questions in their classrooms.

Watch the video:

Popular YouTube atheist fails to answer the 15 questions

Second phase of our Question evolution! campaign group outreach

The first phase of the Question evolution! campaign was focused on: developing some initial suggested materials on spreading the campaign, creating some key blog posts, doing some initial YouTube outreach and establishing an outreach plan.

The second phase of the Question evolution! campaign will be phased in this week and we expect to have some blog posts on the upcoming second phase later this week which will include an outreach plan that was developed and finalized last week. Briefly, the second phase will involve aggressive outreach to the Christian community. Obviously, this is a key phase of the campaign because it will involve aggressively recruiting many more additional volunteers to spread the campaign, forming partnerships, fundraising (grants, etc), various internet creation evangelism activities and many other activities.

The utter failure of internet atheists/evolutionists to adequately address the 15 questions for evolutionists will of course be mentioned during the second phase.

We had hoped to initial the second phase of the campaign in earlier in 2011 but had some bouts of ill health within the membership of our Question evolution! campaign group (injury, flu bugs, etc.). However, we are now able to move forward at a much quicker pace.

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