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An acrostic to learn the 15 questions evolutionists cannot answer - A mom's perspective continues

The 15 questions for evolutionists is a great way to teach our children not only about important concepts of science and biological science, which cannot be explained by the theory of evolution, but also the reality that the theory of evolution has no business being taught in any kind of “science’ course!

The full brochure with linked articles of the 15 Questions for Evolutionists is here:
You will want to refer to it for further explanations.

Let’s get started!

There are fifteen questions to teach, and each is easily learned!
Let’s use acrostics as we teach the 15 Questions for Evolutionists:

Q1. E is for Early Just how did early life originate?
Q2. V is for Verify The verified DNA code, how did that originate?
Q3. O is for Oops! Mutations, the oops!, how could copying mistakes
create the huge volumes of information in the DNA of
living things?
Q4. L is for Luck Luck?! Why is natural selection ( a principle recognized by
biblical creationists) taught as ‘evolution’, as if it explains
the origin of the diversity of life?
Q5. U is for Unique Unique biochemical pathways, how did they originate?
Q6. T is for Think Living things look like they were designed, so how do
evolutionists know that they were not designed?
Just Think.
Q7. I is for Individual How did individual cells “learn” to cooperate and
specialize to create multi-cellular life?
Q8. O is for Organs The male and female reproductive organs and
complimentary apparatuses, how could mere physics
and chemistry invent all that?
Q9. N is for No No countless millions of transitional fossils to be found?
Q10. I is for Intrinsic How does the intrinsic nature of “living fossils” remain
unchanged over supposed hundreds of millions of years,
while worms evolved into humans during the same time
Q11. S is for Science If everything evolved, as per evolution, and there is no
God, then what purpose or meaning is there to human life? Should nihilism (life is meaningless) be taught in science
Q12. Z is for Zag Evolutionists use flexible story-telling to “explain”
observations contrary to evolutionary theory.
Since evolution is their zig (straight line) to answer all
questions, why are their considerable zags
(sharp turns away from the straight course) and
story making tolerated?
Q13. E is for Experiments Where are the scientific breakthroughs due to evolution?
And why is evolution taught so dogmatically, stealing time
from actual experimental biology that so benefits
Q14. R is for Ridiculous Why is evolution - a theory about history - taught as if
it is the same as operational science? Ridiculous!
Q.15 O is for Oxymoron Why is a fundamentally religious idea, a dogmatic belief
system, that fails to explain the evidence, taught in
science classes?

EVOLUTION IS ZERO - each letter represents one of the fifteen words which correspond to each of the 15 questions! This can easily be learned in no time - just take a question a day for the younger children. The older children and teens will be eager to learn all 15 in just one day! Moms - get started!

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