Friday, January 20, 2012

How did multi-cellular life originate?

 How did multi-cellular life originate? How did cells adapted to individual survival ‘learn’ to cooperate and specialize (including undergoing programmed cell death) to create complex plants and animals?

A seemingly simple question for the evolutionist who is so sure the hypothesis of goo-to-you evolution is true.  If indeed their supposed abiogenesis (a hypothesis known to have never occurred, for every time a new life comes into being it has always, 100% of the time been witnessed to have come from already existing life) is given them, how did this single celled organism’s supposed progeny learn to exist in unity and cooperation with other cells when they specialized in existing alone, as a singular entity?  Who taught these supposed cells cooperation?  Who taught these supposed cells their new specialized roles of unity, cooperation and participation?  With only information to do what they had previously done, where did the new information come from?  Corruption of existing information by mutation would have destroyed the cells, not produced the new information and instructions necessary for cooperation or their new specialized operations.

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