Saturday, January 28, 2012

One raging blog river or multiple blog streams?

Our Question evolution! campaign group has been reading material on:

- building/managing volunteer teams

- blogging

- social media and online video

- reaching the public directly

- publicity

- related topics

We have been very pleased with our traffic to this blog and we want also want to expand our blog traffic to a much higher volume traffic. And although having some of our team members get sick with the flu was a pain and slowed us down, it did give us some time to do some additional research and to reflect on what we found. And we have come to the conclusion that initially it is far easier to cause large/massive amount of traffic to one blog than launch multiple blogs (a blog network). In other words, at least initially, we would rather have one raging blog river than have many blog streams.

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  1. Good idea. It may be possible to categorise blogs according to their country of relevance: All Countries, USA, Australia, etc.


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