Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Canadian well versed about the creation vs. evolution issue is joining our volunteer group

We are pleased to announce that another Canadian well versed in the creation vs. evolution issue is joining our Question evolution! campaign volunteer group. This will be an excellent boost to our Canadian outreach.

In addition, later this week we will be announcing a new strategy for recruiting volunteers which we recently decided to implement. We expect this strategy to increase the effectiveness of our volunteer recruiting efforts twenty fold. We believe it will enable us to recruit more well people with an extensive knowledge of the creation vs. evolution issue plus greatly increase our outreach to the general public. Since the Question evolution! campaign is a grassroots movement, it is vital to have an effective outreach to the public at large.

In March of 2012, we hope to recruit the "Wayne Gretzsky of Canadian creationism" into our volunteer group! He shoots, he scores! Another biblical creation puck in the evolutionism goal! (see: Question evolution campaign and Canada. Will we enlist the "Wayne Gretzky of Canadian creationism"?)

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