Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blimey! The United Kingdom viewership of is up 62.37% since September 8, 2012. More Brits are sick of evolutionary rubbish!

I have some news that will get dogmatic British evolutionist knickers in a twist!

According to the web traffic tracking company Quantcast, which directly measures the web traffic of, the website's traffic is up 62.37% in the UK since September 8, 2012

In addition, later this year we are going to launch an initiative to substantially  increase the momentum of the and the Question Evolution! Campaign in the UK.  British evolutionists, the 15 questions for evolutionists certainly show what rubbish evolutionary pseudoscience is and we both know it old chaps, don't we? - website of Creation Ministries International - unique visitors a month - data obtained on 2/14/13

Country                                     Unique monthly visitors
United States                             87,514                     
United Kingdom                         17,709  
Canada                                     14,295
Australia                                   12,801                 
India                                         4,626                     
Philippines                                3,841                    
South Africa                              3,179                     
New Zealand                             2,730                     
Singapore                                 1,301              - website of Creation Ministries International - unique visitors a month - data obtained on 9/8/12

Country                                     Unique visitors         Unique Index

United States                             69,129                     102
Australia                                    15,899                     669
United Kingdom                         11,046                     157
Canada                                       9,809                     180
India                                           3,984                     117
Philippines                                  3,306                     240
South Africa                                3,179                     946
New Zealand                               3,143                     942
Singapore                                   1,037                     256

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