Sunday, February 3, 2013

30% of Swiss reject evolution and belief in biblical creation is growing in Switzerland. Swiss creationist group being contacted about Question Evolution! Campaign.

One of the members of our Question Evolution! Campaign group is in Switzerland. She had a bout of ill health in 2012, but she recently contacted us about her efforts to translate the campaign into French. We appreciate her efforts and now will be contacting creationists in Quebec and France via some contact information we were given. She needs some assistance since French is her second language.

More importantly, we recently discovered that biblical creationists have been active in Switzerland so we are going to have our "Swiss Creationist Miss" volunteer contact them.

Biblical creationism is growing in Switzerland

Consider this December 2007 report from the Christian Post:
But proponents of creationism contend that most Swiss want creationism taught alongside evolution in biology class.

A survey commissioned by the Christian organization Pro Genesis earlier this year found 80 percent of Swiss want creationism taught in schools, according to swissinfo. Meanwhile, an international survey last year found 30 percent of Swiss reject evolution – one of the highest rates in Europe.
According to the website creationism is growing in Switzerland.  Specifically, the website declares:  "more Swiss are joining these movements".

The picture featured on this blog post is of a St. Bernard which is the Swiss national dog.

It is going to take something a lot larger than a St. Bernard dog to rescue Darwinism from decline in Switzerland!

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